Posted on December 9, 2014


I had a nose through the Sharia Watch UK website last night. I read a few things on there that put me off for life – this for starters:

“At present, there appears to be a worrying lack of knowledge surrounding sharia law in British public life.”

The phrase ‘sharia law’ makes no sense. And those Muslims who have started using the phrase recently need a kick up the bum…very shoddy. I’m just being anal. My main beef with Sharia Watch is the article Shariah and child abuse- Is there a connection?.

It’s awful. It’s mental. It deserves to be puked on. I’m only going to bother with one line from the article which says:

“To some Muslims, grooming underage non-Muslim girls is totally acceptable within Shariah…”

Right, there’s this movement …and it’s Islamic. Some Muslims decided to call it the ‘Islamic Movement.’ Magic. Their main reps in the UK are called the UK Islamic Mission. They like Maududi Islam. They like Qutb Islam. They like Qaradawi Islam. They like Al-Banna Islam. Which means they fucking love sharia. Their whole life is a constant sharia-fest. All their family members and all their pets are named Sharia. They live in sharia houses with sharia sofas and sharia carpets. They don’t even eat, they just survive on sharia.

On top of all that, they don’t just want sharia over there >>>>>>>>> in the ‘Muslim world.’ Nope. They’d like it over here in Britain too. Fair play to these boys and girls, they openly admit this.

Now, seeing as this is the UK’s largest Islamic organisation, full to the brim of sharia, full of people who know the ins and outs of an Islamic cat’s arsehole, you’d expect to find the odd ruling on the permissibility of grooming under age non-Muslim girls amongst their gumpf. The print must be very small as I haven’t found it yet. Or maybe they’ve still got it written on the back of an old fag packet and haven’t got round to adding it to their pamphlets yet. So what did those silly sharia sods go and do a couple of years ago? Here, have a look:


Pic from The Telegraph and Argus

See those two in the middle? They’re Imams from UK Islamic Mission. See that bit of paper they’re holding up? That’s a statement against child grooming. See that article on Sharia Watch? It’s a load of bollocks.


Here’s Abdullah Al Andalusi (who also loves a sharia sandwich) slamming Sharia Watch:

“The strange argument emerging from Islamophobes is that some how child grooming for sex is condoned under the Islamic practice of slavery. However, they count on the ignorance of non-Muslims in the UK to get away with that false and willfully ignorant statement. Islam does not encourage slavery, nor does its concept of slavery bare any resemblance to the European Enlightenment era concept which caused mass misery. In Islam, free people (i.e. people who don’t start off as slaves) cannot be made into slaves, with the only exception of enemy soldiers captured in war MAY be employed as economic slaves (who could be made to do non-burdensome work to repair the war damages they’ve caused) – but usually they are released after the war or exchanged or ransomed. Little girls (or grown women) in the UK ARE NOT soldiers.”

You can read the rest of Abdullah’s piece here.

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