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Luton Islamic Centre: Charlie Hebdo killings – false flag?

January 15, 2015


You may have seen that I tried to contact the Chairman of Luton Islamic Centre, Abdul Qadeer Baksh, recently (here and here) with regards to some worrying views on non-Muslims. I haven’t received a reply, though this could be my own fault as I sent it directly to LIC instead of Abdul Qadeer Baksh himself. I am hoping […]

Second letter to Abdul Qadeer Baksh (Luton Islamic Centre)

January 5, 2015


Dear Mr. Baksh, Following on from my first letter, I have something else to share. I used to devote a fair bit of time listening to Salafi speakers in the UK, including those who were based at, or who visited, Luton Islamic Centre. I’ve come across many views that I find problematic or offensive and […]

Letter to Abdul Qadeer Baksh (Luton Islamic Centre)

January 4, 2015


Dear Mr.Baksh, I have two daughters from different mothers. My eldest daughter’s mother is a non-Muslim, my youngest daughter’s mother is a Muslim. Both my daughters are non-Muslims at the moment. I would like to see what you made of the following: My eldest daughter has quite a few close friends who are Muslims. I […]