Second letter to Abdul Qadeer Baksh (Luton Islamic Centre)

Posted on January 5, 2015


Dear Mr. Baksh,

Following on from my first letter, I have something else to share.

I used to devote a fair bit of time listening to Salafi speakers in the UK, including those who were based at, or who visited, Luton Islamic Centre. I’ve come across many views that I find problematic or offensive and would like to bring some of these to your attention. I am going to use the same approach that I used in my first letter so you can hopefully see where I’m coming from and maybe understand why non-Muslims would be concerned about some of the views expressed at LIC. Here goes.

If one of your children converts to Islam you should not include him in your inheritance. Advise him, be good to him, be patient with him in the hope that he will leave Islam but it is more appropriate to keep relationships with your non-Muslim children who are good and obedient to you as opposed to a child who is Muslim and disobedient to you. It is not permissible for you to go to the funeral of a Muslim relative (Fahad al-Fuhaid). How should we refer to Muslims? Because of their belief in Allah we should call them stinking Muslims, dirty. But if you think this will turn them away from atheism, don’t say it to their face (Abu Usamah at-Thahabi). There are four factors that make a person get closer to Muslims: ignorance, their whims, the environment and following the devil. These four factors make a person adopt ways of the Muslim societies. If you have a child with a Muslim woman, the law should prevent her from teaching your child about Islam or taking the child to Islamic places. Mothers and fathers have a responsibility to make sure that their child does not resemble the Muslims in any way. The child should avoid anything that would bring him closer to the Muslims (Abu Suhaib Bassam Alee Abu-Haj).  We should keep company with those who share our beliefs. Keeping company with Muslims often harms us (Fahad al-Mukrin, Page 3).  We have been warned who our enemies are – the Muslims. Muslims have been created to acquire as many women as possible. The Muslims are trying to influence us and take us away from our beliefs (Yahya Ibrahim). Do not take Muslims as your friends. Do not hang out with them. Do not go bowling or ice skating with them. The Muslims no longer fear us. We are copying the ways of the greedy Muslims (Dawud Adib). My parents protected me from the lifestyle of the Muslims and their belief in Islam. Islam is a massive threat. We have a very serious problem in the West (Farasat Latif). Islamic festivals contain filth and devil worshiping. Many non-Muslims go and congratulate them on their evil festivals, they are stupid. Joining in with the celebrations of Muslims shows love and alliance to them. Muslims should never be allowed to celebrate their festivals in public. Their festivals are based on disgusting belief (Moutasem Al-Hameedi). There is no hospitality among the Muslims. Kindness to guests and family is lost on Muslims. Parents who send their children to school with Muslims will find that they become saturated with the characteristics of Muslims. They are sending their children to their destruction. We have to stay away from Muslims as much as we can. We should limit the time we spend with Muslims as we do not love them, rather we hate them for their beliefs (Muhammad al-Jibali).

All the quotes above are either from speeches at Luton Islamic Centre or have been featured on your website in the past. I would recommend following the links provided for each speaker to hear the context in which these remarks were made and to hear the anger in the voices of some of the speakers.

I have two questions.

1. Why are some of the speakers so angry with Christmas, secularism, Jews, Christians or kuffar?

2. I would be still be interested to hear why you think this is an acceptable message to send out to your audience at Luton Islamic Centre.

And here is one of your own quotes:

“There is no Muslim who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day who would deny that judging by Allah’s Law is an obligation. No Muslim who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day will believe that sharia law is not supreme. They will make sharia law the supreme authority, the uppermost authority in the land. And one who rejects this principle out of arrogance or believing another law like democracy, or secularism, or socialism or communism is better than sharia law, this person has now apostated from the religion of al-Islam according to the consensus of all the Muslims in history.”

Fortunately I know many, many Muslims who do not share your views, or the views of the speakers above, but some people may see your interpretation of Islam as the >real< Islam…Robert Spencer could possibly be one of those people. I hope that thought alone will allow you to find some time to address my concerns.

Many thanks

Harry Matz

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