Luton Islamic Centre: Charlie Hebdo killings – false flag?

Posted on January 15, 2015


You may have seen that I tried to contact the Chairman of Luton Islamic Centre, Abdul Qadeer Baksh, recently (here and here) with regards to some worrying views on non-Muslims. I haven’t received a reply, though this could be my own fault as I sent it directly to LIC instead of Abdul Qadeer Baksh himself. I am hoping Mr. Baksh may still address those concerns and some others that I have come across today.

I visited the LIC Facebook page to see if they had a take on Charlie Hebdo; a lot of it was pretty much what I expected. The statement below was posted yesterday:

“What took place at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo no doubt is not lawful or correct in Islam and the whole of the Quran, Sunnah and our scholars from the time of the Prophet, salla Allahu aleihi wa sallam, until now do not allow us to take the law into our own hands and commit crimes like that.”

“So would I say there are Muslims capable of committing murder on the streets of any peaceful city in the world? Yes. Do we have deviant and evil ideologies and groups within Islam? Yes. Do we warn against them and educate our youth upon the correct teachings of Islam? All the time, long before the hypocritical media, and long after them.”

I didn’t think for a minute that anyone at LIC would condone terrorism, it’s not their style. This part of the statement, however, is not what I was expecting:


At the end of the statement it says:“via Ustaadh Abu Imran.” I’m assuming that Abu Imram is based at LIC as part of the same statement is used on the LIC website.

The website page that deals with Charlie Hebdo links to two articles. These articles, it says, “will help us to be patient and teach us how to cope with the dilemmas we are facing in the west.”

The first article that the LIC website links to, In Defence of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), is written by Rabee Al-Madkhali, the man behind Madkhalism – a strand of thought within Salafism.

“As for you O Westerners, claimants of civilization, you have constitutions and statutes that destroy upright moral character and permit all kinds of forbidden acts, the likes of fornication and homosexuality, as well as usury which destroys the economies of entire nations, and the eating of improperly slaughtered animals (dead meats) and pork, something that causes the loss of concern for women’s values, and thus a man does not feel protective of his wife, sister, or daughter, and thus she fornicates with or intimately befriends whomever she pleases. These are some of the means which lead to ruin, and they have been prohibited in all of the prophetic messages.”

If you’re going to make a case for respecting the beliefs of Muslims it is not a great idea to link to an article that berates the West for its tolerance towards homosexuality or for believing that women have the right to form friendships with whomever they please.

The second article, Mockery of Islaam and the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), was written by Aasim al-Qaryooti (a professor at the University of Riyadh) at the time of the release of ‘Innocence of Muslims’. He believes that those who mock the Prophet should be held accountable for promoting terrorism:

“Is it not appropriate that you include all those who mock the religion of Islaam and its Prophet and promote it, as being of ‘terrorism,’ and that international resolutions are made against it because it also promotes terrorism?

Since all of the international resolutions call to blocking everything which gives rise to terrorism, does this not include ALL avenues that give rise to terrorism – in all their different types and appearances?

No doubt, that this [film] is from the greatest promoters of terrorism, and it is more dangerous than financial support because [this film] will strongly cause terrorism.”

Al-Qaryooti is in no doubt that insulting Muhammad led to the killing of the staff at the Charlie Hebdo:

“What occurred last Wednesday (7th January 2014) in France, the attack on the headquarters of the French newspaper ‘Charlie Hebdo’, was due to them mocking the Prophet of Mercy (peace be upon him) in 2011. This proves exactly what we feared and expected, a reaction which not only harms the cartoonists who courted a reaction but also other innocent non-Muslims, as well as Muslims who are citizens of the country and those who are residents therein.”

He goes on to say that insulting the Prophet is a crime, but only punishable by the state:

“It is known that the punishment which has been prescribed for those who deserve it is not for individuals, parties or groups to carry out. Rather it is restricted to the Muslim state; it is the right of the Muslim ruler.”

This is a view that is shared by Abu Suhaib Bassam Alee Abu-Haj, an Imam at Luton Islamic Centre:

“…if you insult the Prophet then this is as well kufr in actions, kufr in saying, kufr in words, and that will chuck you outside the iman. Now, if you repented to Allah (SWT), you said repentance then we will exempt you if you have, for example, swore against Allah azza wa jal…Allah inshallah if you are sincere in your repentance will repent upon you. But if you have insulted the Prophet (SAW) and you repented, yes Allah will forgive you for that, but still you’re gonna be killed because the Prophet (SAW) he is not there to go and forgive you. That’s an Islamic state, insulting the Prophet is death penalty according to Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah. According to some other scholars, they say no there is no death penalty, he will be as well exempted from that if he repented to Allah. But because the Prophet (SAW) is not alive, he is not alive to forgive you, his right is preserved for him. So you will be killed but not killed as a kafir. If you repented that means we pray upon you, we shroud you because you repented to Allah (SWT). But because you have insulted the Messenger of Allah death penalty is yours in an Islamic state brothers…not in a state like this, OK? We are not really abiding by an Islamic state. Inshallah one day we will abide so that the people who are disbelievers they know how beautiful is the religion of Islam.”

I doubt many people would share Abu Suhaib’s enthusiasm for, or see the beauty in, a state which executed those who mocked Muhammad.

As usual, I’m left to believe that many Salafis, those who expect tolerance to be shown towards themselves, would not show that same tolerance to others if they were to ever get hold of any kind of power.


Abdul Qadeer Baksh has responded on Twitter:

Abdul Qadeer Baksh tweet

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