Goldsmiths ISOC President and Maryam Namazie

Posted on December 2, 2015


Update at bottom of article

Seeing as you’re reading this you’re most likely already aware of the ding dong going on between Maryam Namazie and Goldsmiths ISOC. If you aren’t, some info from Maryam can be found here, and a statement from Goldsmiths ISOC here:

Muhammed Patel, President of Goldsmiths Islamic society (ISOC) posted this statement on his Facebook profile on Monday:

So today, I was at an event hosted by Goldsmiths Atheist, Secularist and Humanist Society with Maryam Namazie entitled Apostasy, Blasphemy & Free Expression, In the age of ISIS. My sole goal behind attending the event was clear; it was to challenge the speaker, her views, and call out any of her inflammatory comments.

At the event, I was subject to being labelled a ‘misogynist’ on many occasions, was not allowed to express my views at all, and then eventually man-handled and assaulted at the end of the event when I attempted to leave.

Maryam Namazie has said that a video recording of the event is to be released tonight. Everyone will be able to see who is telling the truth.

Back to Muhammed Patel. After reading his statement about ASH and Maryam Namazie I decided to have a look through his profile…as you do if you’re a nosy bleeder.

He is a bit of a fan of Haitham al-Haddad by the looks of it:



Ah, wait a minute. He could be posting those articles because he disagrees with Haddad’s views. Pretty unlikely as he also posted this link (a petition against the LGBTI Society’s objection to Haddad’s visit to Westminster University):


Here’s some of the gumpf from the petition:

The LGBTI Society at Westminster University have started a campaign to stop Westminster Student Islamic Society holding an event on University Campus because they disagree with the speakers views. To stop someone merely speaking would set a dangerous precedent.

Universities host many student societies that hold a diverse range of views. As long as speech is lawful, and does not promote criminality, British Universities must uphold the enshrined principle laid down in the Education act (1986) to promote free speech.

It is unhelpful for any group to ask for favorable treatment. Societies can only progress when different views are debated without intimidation. Universities are the best institutions to foster this.

Muhammed Patel might like to copy and paste that last paragraph above to the Goldsmiths ISOC statement. Some of the ISOC’s supporters over there seem to disagree with the principle of not affording ‘favorable treatment’ to any group.

But hold on. This could simply be a defence of free speech by Patel. What’s to say he doesn’t disagree with Haddad’s views on homosexuality and is pro-gay rights himself? Maybe this:


And if there was any doubt left about the kind of Islam Patel follows, this buries it:


I know of half of the speakers at the event above. They’ve made statements advocating the execution of ex-Muslims and blasphemers, advised Muslims to boycott women who marry outside of Islam, said that non-Muslim women will be taken as slaves in the future (of course it is permissible to have sex with these women),  creepily remarked that six and seven year old girls are ‘pretty’ and ‘desired’, warned of the dangers when leaving Muslim children with non-Muslims, insisted that women should remain in the house and not venture outside unless it’s a necessity, advocated punishments for Muslims who do not pray, and said that homosexuals are worse than animals.

Said Rageah

Muhammad Salah

Ismail Menk

Abu Abdissalam

Haitham al-Haddad’s views on women’s issues can be found here.

It’s a bit rich of Muhammed Patel to talk of ‘inflammatory comments’ when he lends his support to men who have made shocking statements about women and other minority groups.

And I hope Goldsmiths Feminist Society takes a look into the views of the men that Patel supports. The weirdest thing I’ve read all year is their statement of solidarity with Goldsmiths ISOC over this episode.


Video footage of the event:

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