Haddad – Killing apostates and stoning women comes later.

Posted on December 2, 2015


Haitham al-Haddad has been busy ripping apart ISIS’ ideology again. The video below features footage of Islam.Net’s The ISIS Crisis event

Chaired by Imran Ibn Mansur (Dawah Man), the debate sees Haddad going up against a ‘Fake Islamic State’ panel which includes Fahad Qureshi (founder of Islam.Net). 

As usual, Haddad’s arguments against ISIS are pretty convincing. Towards the end of the event he argues that ‘so-called extremist speakers’ (those who believe in the concept of the Ummah, the Caliphate, hudud etc.) are in the best position to prevent young Muslims from joining ISIS. This is not an opinion that I necessarily disagree with, but the gulf between Haddad’s strategy to prevent terrorism and that of an organisation like Quilliam exists because of statements like the ones below.

At 48:50 Haddad is asked by a member of the audience if all the actions of ISIS are bad and, if not, which ones are good? He responds:

Micro-level thinking is very harmful in the deen in general. If you follow the details and you focus on them without understanding the overall picture then you are going to harm yourself and you will not see the truth.

they (ISIS) might have some actions that are acceptable but I’m talking about the overall strategy…do they help Islam and Muslims or are they against Islam and Muslims? As I have confirmed, many Syrian and Iraqi scholars who are there confirm that the only people benefiting from ISIS are the Syrian regime, the sectarian government in Iraq, and some Western powers.

He addresses those who point out that ISIS are creating an Islamic environment:

Some brothers are telling me that women are wearing hijab in Raqqa…or when men are swimming they are wearing long trousers because they are becoming Islamic, or they are implementing the shariah, they flogged a person because he was drinking or he committed zina.

Anyone can take isolated incidents in order to paint a positive picture about himself.

The sentence above did give me a laugh.

At 52:13 Haddad is asked if killing Christians and Yazidis is acceptable. He reiterates that Muslims should not concentrate on details as some scholars may say this or that is allowed – the focus should be on the main ideology of ISIS. He says that if some of these actions attributed to ISIS are true then they are obviously not Islamic at all. Ex-Muslims and adulterous women should face the death penalty…but not immediately:

The first statement he (Muhammad) said (Arabic) ‘establish salam between yourselves’ because he knows that if there is no domestic salam, peace within Medina there will be no state to start with. And now many people misrepresent Islam. Whenever they talk about Islam they talk about hudud – cutting the hands, killing the apostates, stoning women to death…is this the first thing to be implemented?

When the Prophet (SAW) migrated from Mecca to Medina, he established the first Islamic state in Medina. What was the first thing that he started to do? Did he start to implement hudud? No, hudud was prescribed at a later stage.

For Haddad, murdering ex-Muslims and stoning women to death isn’t wrong – it’s about following the instructions correctly.

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