Haddad’s latest on homosexuality

Posted on December 27, 2015


“Islamic marriage is a contract between an adult male free from obstacles with an adult female free from obstacles.  It will never be between a male and a male, or a female and a female.

Now there are calls in Europe, in America, why don’t we carry out nikah between a male and a male, and a female and a female…there was a book that was published where the author claims that Islam allowed homosexuality, an Arabic book. Islam allowed homosexuality, this is the subject matter of the book. And there is this gay Imam in America who claims that there is no authentic dalil to prohibit a man from being homosexual, there is nothing wrong with  homosexuality in Islam. And he is an Imam and he is proud to be gay.

…fahisha is open sin and munkar is evil sin. This is what is mentioned and this was the main call for the Prophet Lut, to prohibit his people, forget about the word homosexuality because the word homosexuality can be misleading, from men having sexual relationships with men. Why? Because nowadays when you say the word homosexual they say it is about love, I love another man and we want to spend our lives together, so this is homosexuality. And you are saying that homosexuality is prohibited in Islam. Akhi, I love you for the sake of Allah. Does this mean that we have a sexual relationship? No. I love my father, my father loves me. I love my children. You can love another man…so don’t tell me that homosexuality is about love. No, it is not about love. It is about a sexual relationship. So we need to be clear about what we are talking about. What we are talking about is homosexuality in which the sexuality is the main element of this relationship between two people of the same gender. So Prophet Lut (Alaihis Salam) he was mentioned in the Quran twenty seven times. In all these times he was talking about the sexuality between men and men. He called it fahisha, he called it munkar. And as a result of this, when his people did not listen to him, Allah sent punishment  on them. So if this open sin becomes prevalent and we as Muslims do not contribute in telling people that Allah, the God who controls everything, who has the right to define everything, he dislikes this act, he prohibits us from this act, unless we say this then we will incur the anger of God upon us as Muslims. We have to be clear and vocal that God does not like this act at all. Now they are threatening us by calling us homophobic if we say that God does not like this in order to threaten us from speaking what the Quran says about this, what Islam says, what the creator says about this. The conclusion is we as Muslims, Islam as a religion, will not allow something called a man to marry a man. Islam will never allow this. Islam will never allow this to be a normal relationship between two people from the same gender, full stop.”


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