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More nasties from Yasir Qadhi

January 15, 2016


In the previous post Qadhi can be heard discussing some very disturbing aspects of an ‘Islamic state’ during various lectures. I’ve come across some more teachings from the respected Islamic scholar. Qadhi has complained about the respect shown to gay people in modern society. What would happen to them in Islamic state? 01:06:10 …this is a part of our religion […]

Yasir Qadhi – That Shirk audio and more

January 3, 2016


Yasir Qadhi released this statement on his Facebook page in December last year: The edited audio clip in question can be found here. It’s certainly been chopped up and re-arranged (the YouTube channel owner admits to this), but after listening to the whole lecture the moody version doesn’t really alter the message in Qadhi’s teachings. The […]