More nasties from Yasir Qadhi

Posted on January 15, 2016


In the previous post Qadhi can be heard discussing some very disturbing aspects of an ‘Islamic state’ during various lectures. I’ve come across some more teachings from the respected Islamic scholar.

Qadhi has complained about the respect shown to gay people in modern society. What would happen to them in Islamic state?

01:06:10 …this is a part of our religion to stone the adulterer and to chop the head off of the sorcerer and so many other things, and to kill, by the way, the homosexual – this is also our religion. The fiqh rulings say that the homosexual be killed, OK? (inaudible comment from audience) I dunno about this one, I’ve heard this but I haven’t studied this in detail but I know that his punishment is death. This is all a part of our religion. This doesn’t mean we go and do this in America but I’m saying if we had an Islamic state we would do this.”

Making fun of Muhammad would be enough to get you executed, no matter how sorry you said you were:

03:05 To make fun of Allah and his Messenger, the punishment is death. If you ridicule, you curse Allah and his Messenger, the punishment for that is death. And the scholars said he who curses Allah’s Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it doesn’t matter, obviously when we are in an Islamic state, we’re not talking about America or England, when we are in an Islamic state it doesn’t matter what he does after that. Even if he repents he is going to be killed. The correct opinion is that a person who curses Allah’s Messenger, and makes fun of Allah’s Messenger, and denigrates the status of Allah’s Messenger, his punishment is death as soon as he utters that statement. It doesn’t matter if he repents after that or not. His repentance is with Allah. We don’t care. Our punishment, we are not allowed to forgive that man. We have to kill him as soon as the Islamic state takes hold of him. And this is not the case in a kafir country, we don’t do this in a non-Muslim country, it’s not our right to do it. So, for example, Salman Rushdie, he clearly makes fun of Allah and his Messenger in his book, he clearly ridicules Allah’s Messenger, he clearly ridicules the Prophet’s wives, he compares them to prostitutes in his book, he clearly ridicules Allah’s messengers more than Muhammad, he ridicules Ibrahim, he calls him the bastard Ibrahim, he says the bastard he left his wife and kid, it’s exactly what he said, I read it with my own two eyes, this type of person, if he was in an Islamic state his punishment is death. No repentance is accepted from him. If he repented with Allah (SWT) it’s not our business. This type of person, if we get hold of him in an Islamic state, once again, Khomeini’s fatwa is not correct, we’re not allowed to kill him outside an Islamic state, this is not our right to do, we don’t do anything to him because if we were to do so we would cause more harm to the Muslims. Governments are gonna start persecuting us and so on and so forth. But, apart from that, if a person like this existed in an Islamic state, no repentance is accepted from him. Even if he repents, his repentance is with Allah, not with us. We cannot forgive a person who curses Allah’s Messenger. And this shows you the love we have for Allah’s Messenger.

This lecture covering offensive jihad is a gift for Robert Spencer:

07:39-08:45 The Prophet (SAW) is telling them, when you fight, fight in the name of Allah, in the way of Allah (SWT) also, fight those who disbelieve in Allah. And by the way this shows you that jihad is an obligation upon the Muslims whenever there is a Khalifah and the Muslim army or Muslim state is capable of doing jihad. Because the general ruling is that the Muslims will always be at physical war with the non-Muslims. The general ruling is that the Muslims will always have a physical jihad with the non-Muslims unless the situation is weak, or, like we are in our times, we don’t have a Khalifah or Islamic state, otherwise jihad is going to last until the Day of Judgement, like the Prophet (SAW) said. So this is the refutation of those modernists groups that try to downplay jihad. No, we fight literally with our swords, and our guns if you like in our times. We fight the non-Muslims when we have the capability of doing so. When we don’t have the capability then temporarily, not a permanent thing, temporarily, we do not do jihad until that time comes back. So we fight those who disbelieve in Allah.

Qadhi demonstrates his commitment to tolerance and diversity during this phone in:

3:09 There is a third condition that is controversial. This is a condition that Ibn Abbas and many of the early scholars, and it is a condition that my heart leans towards and I very much follow it, and that is Ibn Abas said this allowance of Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women is only allowed within an Islamic state. It is not allowed outside of an Islamic state. Outside of an Islamic state Muslim men must marry Muslim women. This is the position of Ibn Abbas and a group of scholars from his time. And this really makes a lot of sense because if a Muslim man marries a non-Muslim lady and the environment is non-Muslim, what guarantee is there that the children will be Muslim afterwards? And in fact, as we all know, that if a divorce takes place, generally speaking custody is given to the mother. And I myself have seen many cases and scenarios and encountered them where the husband was a Muslim, he marries a Christian lady, a divorce happens, the judge rules that the children are given to the mother, and the children are raised as non-Muslims. And this is something that is all too common and it is a sad reality. And that is why I also think that the position of Ibn Abbas makes a lot of sense, and I do not think that it is wise, and I personally do not perform such marriage ceremonies, and I would not do this in the future. I don’t think that this is something that should be done.

I wonder how Qadhi would feel if the state prevented non-Muslim children from converting to Islam.

And this last quote is one of the most disturbing things I’ve heard from an orthodox scholar:

11:00 As Allah said, it is possible that you love something but it is harmful for you. Ponder over this story. Al-Khidr and Musa, when they were walking along, Al-Khidr found a baby child, a young boy, and killed him, slaughtered him. Musa said “What have you done? How could you kill an innocent child?” Khidr said, he was a prophet of Allah, ‘You do not know what Allah has inspired me.” Then later on it comes out this story, that this child, his parents were pious people, good people, and had Allah allowed him to live he would have become a kafir and caused them much harm and grief. So killing him at this stage is a mercy for him and a mercy for his parents, because right now they are only grieving for his life but if he had become a kafir they would be grieving for his Hereafter as well. And the pain of pious, practising parents looking at the children who are not even Muslim, can you imagine that?

Can you imagine a non-Muslim spokesperson explaining to an audience the enormous relief that can be given to parents by murdering a child who would become Muslim?

When Qadhi says Islam is not a religion in the way that religion is understood nowadays, he is completely right. His version of Islam is an intolerant, fascistic, dangerous ideology.

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