Yasir Qadhi at East London Mosque – Good or bad?

Posted on March 26, 2016


East London Mosque has a record of hosting speakers who are considered by some (including me) to be extremists. It was Yasir Qadhi’s turn yesterday as he gave the Friday Khutbah. It’s only fair to highlight what Qadhi had to say during his talk.

During the first part of the talk he spoke of Western Muslims isolating themselves and said they had failed to be compassionate and sympathetic to those around them. He told the audience that it is essential for Muslims to give back to the community, to look after the needy and to feed the homeless – whether Muslim or non-Muslim.

In the second half he addressed the Brussels attack, saying that no reputable scholar has ever condoned these kind of actions which clearly go against the methodology of Muhammad.

I wouldn’t have expected anything else. Qadhi is not a terrorist supporter or an anti-kuffar maniac.

But (a pretty big but) he has some extremely dodgy views on how others should be treated when/if Muslims have power. Gays and blasphemers would face execution, apostates would have to go up before the Islamic court, the public idols of other religions might be destroyed and war could be declared on non-Muslims who commited shirk. It’s all pretty hardcore.

So the question is – is there a problem with ELM hosting Qadhi when his message is unrelated to the kind of stuff directly above, and when that message is one of peace, coexistence and anti-terrorism?

Reading/listening to Qadhi’s talks on gays/non-Muslims/etc. (with plenty of context) here and here and listening to the Khutbah below may help to make your mind up if you’re struggling.

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