Abu Usamah coming to Luton Islamic Centre

Posted on April 8, 2016


Abu Usamah at-Thahabi, an Imam at Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham, and made famous by Undercover Mosque, is heading to Luton this month:


He’s been a regular visitor to the Luton Islamic Centre over the years. During one talk he was asked how Muslims should refer to People of the Book. ‘Mushrikun’ and ‘kuffar’ came up but because of the spiritual impurity of the non-believers there was another option:

“We call them stinking kafir, dirty. But, of course, akhi, if that’s going to run them away from al-Islam we don’t say that to them in front of their face.”

After returning from another visit to Luton he had this to say to his audience at Green Lane:

“And I have to say this, I was in Luton recently and the brothers from Hizb ut-Tahrir, who I don’t agree with their understanding of Islam and their way of establishing the Khilafah…in Luton those brothers from Hizb ut-Tahrir they go around late at night, they get a ladder, they get up on top of the billboards and they paint the naked ladies all black until all you see is her eyes and it’s like she has a jilbab on. Walahi (Arabic). When you see the picture of the lady laying down in the water, when I first came upon it I thought it was an advert for a woman in jilbab, black jilbab, niqab, everything. Then I realised that’s that famous poster of the lady laying in the water with the rocks on her back. So some of the brothers took from that sunnah and did the same thing here but without the artistry of the Luton people. Did the Muslims do that? Allah a’alam. And I’m not encouraging people to do that but that’s their freedom of speech. Muslims we should make a point about issues like this. Those kuffar should hear our opinion about issues like this.”

He’s top of the Salafi league when it comes to not giving a toss about what the kuffar think of Islam. He doesn’t hold back.

The real jihad is coming, he says. And not just that pussy defensive jihad either – the offensive type. He doesn’t say what day the scholars have got in mind for the jihad-launch but Muslims need to get themselves in shape and stop stuffing themselves with chapatis.

Muslims should get themselves an Islamic state. Slaves will be back on the menu. Muslim men will be able to take as many non-Muslim slave chicks as they like. And it gets better. If your slave girl puts it about with anyone else, you can flog her. You don’t have to wait for the state to get involved, you can go right ahead and give it to her in the back yard. If flogging doesn’t stop her, sell her for sod all. Similarly, if she curses Muhammad, no need to go to Plod. You can stick an axe in her head yourself (no, that’s not an exaggeration).

Magicians will have their heads chopped off. Drunkards get three cracks at being flogged. If they insist on going back to the booze for a fourth time they will be killed. Ex-Muslims get crucifixion. Gays get chucked off the tallest building possible and then pebbled. Adulterers just get the pebbles. Great, big, dirty ones.

It’s better for women to stay at home. A man needs to give his permission before another man speaks to his wife or daughter. Female circumcision is halal – don’t apologise for it.

And he hates Christmas. It’s an assault on Muslim children.

(All quotes and footage here)

Abdul Qadeer Baksh (Chairman of Luton Islamic Centre) has similar feelings towards Santa-time:

“And if in your hearts, brothers listen carefully because if in your hearts you do have no hatred, no dislike or you don’t find it detestable that they are celebrating the praises of another god or Allah has a son then there is something deficient in your iman. If Christmas can go by and you have no feeling of hatred towards what they are doing then there is a fault with your iman.”

and the People of the Book:

“Allah (Jalla Wa Ala) has ruled that the most despicable creatures on this earth are those who associate partners with Allah. The reason being that worshiping Allah (Jalla Wa Ala) is the very essence of the purpose of our creation.

Allah (Jalla Wa Ala) says in the Quran (Arabic) Verily those from the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians and the mushrikeen, and other than them, polytheists, (Arabic) they are in the hellfire, they will reside in the hellfire and they will stay in there for ever and ever and ever. And then he says another very important point which stresses or emphasises what I’m saying. He says (Arabic) They are the most evil of creation, the most despicable and lowest of creation.”

Sikhs and Hindus aren’t getting away with it either:

“So if a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Sikh, whatever religions these people have out in the open, if they have the audacity to worship other than Allah in the open and call to it, and, in addition to that, celebrate their praises to their false gods and give Allah partners and so on and so forth (Arabic) then we have enmity between us and them (Arabic) until they believe in Allah alone.”

Cheeky homosexuals should have the tables turned on them:

“And homosexuality, and they don’t make it blameworthy in this society. We tolerate that not out of happiness, not out of joy. We’ll accept it in our hearts and our minds that, yes, we live together in this society of evil-doers. We tolerate it why? Because this is their way of life and we have no power to do otherwise. So we tolerate this. And to some this is a problem. They want to pick at you, pick at you until you say no, you like it and you enjoy it and you’re happy with these people, you hold their hands and you walk with them and talk with them etc. We’re not allowed to discriminate against them in anything, in any form or fashion. No problem we won’t discriminate against them but don’t force us to like something which our Messenger told us is an abomination, which is evil, which is from the acts of the (Arabic) most evil of creation. Where’s our freedom? It is those people who are intolerant of our view that we see this as something bad and not something good. The tables should be turned on them. You are the ones being intolerant of us Muslims.”

Just as well Abdul has no power to do otherwise – he has stated that homosexuals would be punished in an Islamic state.

He shares Abu Usamah’s desire to be governed by Islamic law:

“No Muslim who truly believes in Allah and the Last Day will believe that sharia law is not supreme. They will make sharia law the supreme authority, the uppermost authority in the land. And one who rejects this principle out of arrogance or believing another law like democracy, or secularism, or socialism or communism is better than sharia law, this person has now apostated from the religion of al-Islam according to the consensus of all the Muslims in history.”

And Britain has got it in for Muslim kids:

“This community of Luton has been stung. We Muslims have been stung by the enemies of al-Islam. The enemies of Islam want to destroy Islam. And they wish to send astray the Muslims, away from worshiping Allah, from obedience to Allah. The enemies of Islam know very well that if the Muslims cling firm to the Quran and the Sunnah, correctly, truthfully, sincerely, that they will be destructed and be destroyed. They fear Islam. So they have placed so much resources and wealth and money, and such conniving tactics and evil ways to send us astray, to keep us away from understanding our religion correctly. They don’t sleep at night, they work night shifts in this. And they get paid by day to send us astray and to send our children astray. This is why Great Britain has opened its doors to every Muslim country – to come here. And when we come here it’s not us they’re after. It’s our children they’re after. Put them through the system and at the end you will find a drug pusher, alcohol, drinker, nightclub-goer, far from his religion, far from his deen.”

(Abdul Qadeer Baksh quotes and audio here)

Should be a ball!

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