Abu Usamah on ‘What British Muslims Really Think’

Posted on April 24, 2016


Abu Usamah at-Thahabi has responded to Channel Four’s What British Muslims Really Think:

4:36 “Before we watch them [TV programmes about Muslims], and we anticipate that they’re coming, Muslims jump up and down because we expect the worst. And history tells us that that particular sentiment is not necessarily flawed because they always want to show us in a bad way. The shariah, all the shariah is when it comes on TV, when the shariah is portrayed on TV, is about killing people. That’s part of our shariah. We’re not gong to apologise about that. And we’re going to tell our youngsters.”

(Abu Usamah’s teachings on ‘killing people’ can be found here).

5:21 “If they came and they surveyed one thousand Muslims, and they said to those one thousand Muslims ‘Do you think al-Islam is the best religion? Do you believe al-Islam is better than Christianity and Judaism as a religion?’ One thousand Muslims should say ‘Yes. I believe that.’ But now to take that answer from one thousand Muslims and then to make it mean so therefore we want to kill all of the Christians and all of the people who follow Judaism, then this is the problem. And that’s what that programme sought to do.”

13:40 “Quilliam Foundation, when that programme came out, they were some of the biggest supporters of the LGBT people, trying to show the outer community that homosexuality is in al-Islam and the scholars before they allowed this, they discussed this, they allowed people to have different sexual orientations. That’s not the case. Don’t be an individual that feels that you are inferior to anybody. It’s not permissible in our religion.”

23:57 “Some of the things I heard when they surveyed some of the Muslims, and a large majority of Muslims said that they don’t believe that there should not be same-sex marriage, things like that we become happy because that’s our religion and we’re just stating our religion. If it is true that a large portion of our younger people they said ‘No, no. We’re inclined to believe that this is something that is permissible and you should have same-sex marriage” then that’s an issue of concern. Because it’s what we always say here, and that is the challenges of our youth growing up in this environment, how do they stay balanced on their religion, holding onto their religion, but at the same time knowing how to deal with these contemporary issues that are being presented to them? So we have a massive responsibility as it relates to addressing the issues.”

25:28 “But why is it that if a Muslims says, eighty percent of them, sixty percent of them, ‘I wanna send my kids to a Muslim school, and on my street I want to be surrounded by all Muslims, if given the opportunity I want to be on a street with all Muslims’, why does that answer equal extremism? Why does that answer equal I’m an individual who’s radical? Why does that equal I want to harm people, I’m a terrorist? It doesn’t mean that. I want to be around people who are like-minded, they’re similar to me, their religion is like mine.”

27:28 “The shariah of al-Islam that’s always being demonised, every time we see it in the media the shariah is cutting people’s heads off and cutting their hands off and issues like that, capital punishment, corporal punishment. And again that’s from our religion, we’re not going to run away from that, we’re gonna call a spade a spade, this is how it is. But the shariah of al-Islam as well is this elder right here sitting by that pole, coming to this masjid every Friday, after Allah has tried him with some medical issues, one of the younger brothers from this community every Friday they go and pick up that man, they bring him to the masjid for Jumu’ah and they get him back home every single Friday. That’s the shariah in our religion. That’s the shariah. Why don’t we ever hear issues like that? And that Charlie Hebdo fiasco there in France, the shariah of al-Islam, that these people only see it as being demonic, was that African Muslim guy that was there who took those Jewish people and brought them downstairs and hid them. And by Allah’s permission they were not hurt, they were not harmed. That’s the shariah of al-Islam. Why don’t we hear those people making mention of that? Because it doesn’t serve their purpose just as the survey and the results of those surveys they serve a purpose for them. And that purpose is to make the outer people afraid of us.”

30:10 “The outer public they don’t have the Quran and Sunnah. As a result of that, they don’t know that scepticism, to be a sceptic, when people come and they bring you information you don’t just accept it. Because he told me, just because you [points to audience] told me, I’m going to believe it? It’s not our religion. Scepticism is a sign of a healthy and an independent mindset…in al-Islam we have that. We have scepticism in our religion…people from the outer community, they’re easily influenced. They just follow what people are saying to them. It’s not OK for us to be like that because we have a religion that’s given us light and given us information. So we’re not going to apologise for being Muslims. And I say here openly in public stick to the Quran and stick to the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). Stay on top of yourselves and your children as it relates to these issues where we take the middle and the balanced course without wavering to the right or the left. What Allah said – that’s the truth. You call me narrow-minded, you call me tunnel vision? I’m going to be proud when you tell me that because I know I have to be narrow-minded in certain aspects of this religion. I’m not afforded the opportunity to be liberal and to say and believe any and everything. And the person when he starts to think that that’s OK, he’s a problem.”

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