Homophobic speaker coming to UK/AlMaghrib in Glasgow

Posted on May 7, 2016


Muslim Aid has invited Abdullah Hakim Quick to speak at its LEGENDS (Untold stories from the golden age) event this month (Newcastle (12th), Manchester (13th), Birmingham (14th) and the Water Lily in Mile End, London (15th)).


Abdullah Hakim Quick has faced criticism and protests from gay rights campaigners in the past and has responded to these on his website:

“With regard to my comments about the punishment for homosexuality, about 15 years ago I was approached by a group of gay Muslims who wanted me to re-interpret the basic principles of Islam. I refused and indicated to them the very serious condemnation  in Islam toward homosexuality.  My statements were a moral reprimand only. I understand now that they did give off the wrong impression. For that, I am sorry. I have never advocated violence, vigilantism or disregard for the rule of law.

If anyone has accused him of advocating violence towards homosexuals, they are wrong. He says:

“Islamic scholarship is crystal clear that Muslim minorities must respect the laws of the countries in which they reside or leave to find another homeland.”

But denouncing violence and vigilantism does not automatically grant you a free pass if some of your other words and actions negatively affect the lives of other groups of people.

“The debate among those who support homosexuality and those who do not is an intensely polarizing one. Nevertheless, I think that this debate is essential and must continue for the common good of us all.”

“I have always articulated my concern, both within my community and without, in a manner that has been respectful of the rights and duties of individuals in a pluralistic democracy.”

Hakim’s statement in defense of his position doesn’t tell the whole story. His stance towards homosexuality doesn’t only involve ‘debate’. The article below suggests that he has always had a bit more than vocal disagreement in mind:


“In the wake of this crisis, people are making critical choices about Islam. Many are choosing to accept Islam, for despite the negative attacks, they realize that Islam is the only way out of the present corruption and tyranny. Islam is the only organized way of life that can categorically oppose homosexuality, racism and secularism. Only the Qur’an and Sunnah have cohesive arguments and a moral system that can be applied in conjunction with science, politics, business and everyday life.”


Putting homosexuality (and secularism) in the same bucket as racism should set off alarm bells. When he says he was approached by gay Muslims who wanted to “re-interpret the basic principles of Islam” he fails to mention his opposition to the opening of a gay mosque – hardly respectful of the rights of others. In order to nip the “quotes have been taken out of context” bollocks in the bud, here’s footage and full transcript of Hakim relaying the gay mosque/support group story to his audience:

“There are some dangerous sites…I got the list once myself. There’s a whole list of sites where the people are Christian missionaries and they say like ‘True Islam’ and stuff like that. So you go into the website and you think it’s Islam but it’s not. They even have a gay Muslim site. We have this problem in Canada too. They call themselves Min-Alaq, they’re always talking about these blood clots and alaq and stuff. So they formed a group and they came to us in Toronto and they said they want to have their own masjid. Because what happened in Toronto, I don’t know if it happened here, but the gays are all in one section, they have a place where they pick each other up. So there was racism, so all the brown gays were all together (laughter from audience), and so then the Muslim ones, they found themselves together, and they went to a community centre and the government gave them a grant, and they said you’re a minority in a minority. And so they came and they called me and they said that we want to have our own centre, and we call ourselves Min-Alaq which is Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual Islamic support group, that’s what they call themselves. So they said what is the position of Islam on homosexuality, they asked me, it’s a newspaper, right? So I said put my name in the paper, the position is death and we cannot change Islam. But then they said to me, this is a question you’ve got to consider, they said what happens if a homosexual comes to the masjid? What are you going to do? So I said (Arabic) Allah forgives all sins, if he’s serious, and a person came to me, and he came in the office and he said he was homosexual and he cried, and I said ‘What happened to you then?’ And he said ‘My father abused me.’ He’s a Muslim. So I felt, we felt sorry for him, I said ‘Brother, you know you’re sick?’ He said ‘I’m sick.’ So we sent him to a Muslim psychiatrist so he could work through his problems and then bring him back into the masjid. So anything can come now these days. Anything’s gonna come at us. But we cannot allow, in the name of Islam, a gay masjid to come. We cannot allow this now. And they’re trying to do this. Last summer they had what they call Gay Pride Parade. They have that in Sydney, here? Because Sydney’s a target city, right? In Perth? In Toronto they had 750,000 homosexuals, right? And they said ‘We’re queer and we’re here, and we’re not going away.’ That’s what they said, man. And they’re marching in the parade. And the mayor of the city came out and marched with them. Even in the time of Lut (Alayhis salaam) you hear of nothing like this. And then they had a float for each religion. And they had some Muslim float called As-Salaam, and Muslims were out there. And in Toronto, the board of education now, they are teaching homosexuality in all the subjects. They said they have a new rule where the teacher must talk about homosexuality in every subject, even in Math class. How can you talk about Math? John and Jim equals Joe? I don’t know, man (laughter from audience). How can you talk about it in Math, man? X,Y, X and X, I don’t know, man. So the Muslims are in a state of frenzy now because of the liberal nature of the government, right? It’s so liberal.”

A member of the audience then asks:

“Is it true that the Yahud [Jews] and the Zionists (are) behind this…?”

Hakim replies:

“It goes with Zionism. And really it seems like, Allah-hu alim, if we went to Dajal’s army it’s gonna be mostly Yahud. There will probably be homosexuals with them too.”

Saying that homosexuals should face execution in any state or country would rightly piss people off – Hakim wouldn’t be too chuffed to hear people saying the punishment for being a practising Muslim is death. Throw in a bit of antisemitism, attempt to deny gay Muslims the right to their own mosque and you’re no longer sounding like a champion of ‘pluralistic democracy.’

Harry’s Place also highlighted Hakim’s remarks about the death penalty for homosexuality in 2010. Here’s the full transcript and audio of that part of the speech:

One of the most dangerous groups coming up to the surface is the Qaum-e-Lut, is the homosexuals. For years they stayed in the closet. They stayed underground. It was known in Greece. It was known in Rome. It was known in high circles of the aristocrats. It was known in countries where there was corruption. But now it comes to the surface. And it reaches the point where in some of the most powerful cities, some of the cities that are considered to be the best places in the world, the Qaum-e-Lut is taking over the society. And when they take over know that the destruction is near. In Toronto, Canada, where the United Nations and many of the scholars of the world had projected that Toronto is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the world at this at this point in time. And it is one of the best laces in the world, they say, to go if you want to have a good time in the dunya. But the Qaum-e-Lut has come to the surface. Last year when I returned to Toronto the Muslims where in a state of confusion because the Qaum-e-Lut were marching in the streets. 750,000 homosexuals marching in the streets. And they said ‘We’re queer and we’re here. And we’re not going anywhere.’ So they stood up boldly against the Muslims. And I remember being down in New York and also seeing this. And I remember seeing this parade that they had. We were upstairs in Manhattan and a big noise came about. I woke up and I said to the brother ‘What is going on? Is it workers demonstrating? Is it the poor people who are marching in the streets?” And they said ‘No. This is Gay Pride Day.’ I went downstairs and I had my kufi on and a long shirt, and I went on the corner and this person came up to us and he said ‘You are strange.’ I looked at the brother next to me and then I looked at him. His hair was like a chicken, you know, a rooster. Like in the middle he had a chain net shirt on, he had these metal chains around his neck, short pants and big boots, and then he said to me ‘You’re strange.’ And I turned to the brother and I said (Arabic) ‘Islam started strange and it will return to being strange. So give glad tidings. Give tidings of a tree in Jannah for those who are strange.’ And so we looked and we said ‘This is the end of time.’ But no, it was a day of pride. And what was the worst thing about the situation in Toronto, that the brothers and sisters now realised that it had come to the surface, and I thought that we had put an end to this, is this thing started about ten years ago but now it had reached a high level. When they first came to us ten years ago, and I pray that this doesn’t strike you, but if it hasn’t already it may be on the way, they called me up at the time when I was Imam in one of the masjids, and they called me and they said ‘Mr. Hakim, there’s a new organisation, this one is called Min-Alaq.’ Note they always talk about these blood clots, things in min ‘alaq. We said ‘What is this organisation?’ They said ‘It is Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual Islamic support group.’ They want a new tafsir of Surah Hud. They want the story of Lut (Alayhis salaam) told in another way so it’s politically correct. And they said ‘What is the Islamic position?’ And I told them ‘Put my name in the paper. The punishment is death and I’m not gonna change this religion.”

Perhaps the most worrying instance of Hakim telling the story behind the gay mosque is the one below – the audience is made up of children. His advice to children is to watch what they say about homosexuals, not because it is wrong to make derogatory remarks about them, but because there are laws against it.

Member of audience:

“Diversity is like this huge issue now, and everyone is talking about diversity and whatever, and they go into gay culture and how everyone should accept the gay culture, and the people are like ‘Well if it’s not hurting you let them do what they want to do.”

Abdullah Hakim Quick:

“Yeah, this is a good question. This is a very, very difficult issue because really the whole question of Islamophobia [think he means homophobia] it has put us in a very defensive, weak type of position. And what we have tried to do is to be pro-active and positive in the sense that we’re speaking for Islam. In other words we’re not attacking gays, we’re not gay bashing. We’re stating what we believe. We have the right to state what we believe. There’s no law that says that you cannot say within Islam we don’t believe in this, we believe in the marriage of the husband and a wife, man and a woman, this is what we believe in. So just keep talking like that because legally you don’t have the right to be attacking them, legally and what not. There’s one of the brothers recently, a good brother, he was working at Symantec, he’s really good at computer programing and whatnot, so he was working there and he had gone to this outdoor barbecue which was run by the city and it was done in the gay section of Toronto. And so all these men, couples, were coming, weird-looking and they were doing things. And he couldn’t control himself. So the brother went to work the next day and he was talking to some of his friends, people who he thought were his friends on the job, and saying about how he had gone to this barbecue and he thought it was disgusting what he saw and he couldn’t stomach what he was seeing. He thought it was a filthy, disgusting thing, and he was saying it in a very respectful way [not sure how you’d put those views forward respectfully]. The next day he got called down the office and they said ‘Did you say the following terms? Did you say these words?’ And so he admitted, he said ‘This is what my religion says. This is what I believe personally.’ And he was fired the next day. Fired. Within three days he was off the job. And he is an excellent worker in Symantec but he didn’t know that one of the people he was talking to is gay. He didn’t know. So they moved that fast. And according to the laws now, it is like calling somebody a racial name if you say this. So it puts us in a weak position in a sense when you are working, or you’re in school. However we can state clearly what our religion, what we believe in in our religion and we can take a strong stance whenever people ask us about our own way. And you don’t have to say that you agree with it. You don’t have to say that. The only thing you cannot do legally is attack it. You’re not supposed to attack it. This is where they come to us. If they come within our realm then we will say exactly what we want to say. OK, some of us will go all the way out because we don’t care anymore. Like when they came to Toronto, some of them came, the gays in Toronto were Muslims, they were from Muslim families and they were on the gay strip and they were trying to get picked up and it was racism so the white gays only wanted whites, so all the brown ones found themselves together. And they went to the gay community centre and they complained, and the government gave them a grant, and they called them a minority within a minority. So they formed a group called Min-Alaq, like the Quran says (Arabic) ‘Man has been created from a blood clot’, it’s always talking about these things. So they formed this group and they sent out flyers and they called it something like ‘Gay, Lesbian, Homosexual Islamic Support Group’ and they said they want a new tafsir of the story of Lut (Alayhis salaam). They want a new tafsir. And they wanted to start their own Islamic centre, a masjid for gays, with a gay Imam. That’s what they wanted. And they came to our community. This is how they came to the Christians too, they broke the Christians down, right? But the leadership took a strong stand. We took a real strong stand against it and openly condemned it, and said openly to the newspapers ‘This is our position.’ We made it very clear ‘We’re totally against it. It’s not within Islam.’ Then they asked ‘What would you do if somebody comes to your masjid and he wants to be a Muslim and he’s gay? What would you do?’ And so I told them very clearly I had a case of a brother who came in my office and he cried and he said that he was gay. I said ‘What happened to you, man?’ And he said ‘My father abused me.’ A Muslim. So I felt sorry for the brother and I said ‘Do you realise that there’s something wrong with you now psychologically because of this abuse?’ And he said ‘Yes.’ So we worked with the brother, sent him to a psychiatrist and now he’s part of the community. So this is a very crucial issue and it requires some wisdom in the words that you use. They’ll accuse you of homophobia. So you have to watch your words whoever you’re with. However you have the right to state clearly what Islam believes, what it says, and what you believe as a Muslim. Because even the Catholics to a certain extent still maintain, and the orthodox Jews still maintain a position where they don’t accept it. Sodom and Gomorrah, the Prophet Lot or Lut (Alayhis salaam), those stories are clear. In the Bible, what’s left of the Bible, it’s very clear that it is an abomination. They’re trying to change the texts, make a new tafsir and whatnot now but it’s very clear within their texts.”

A boy in the audience asks:

“The Christian groups, they say that, they speak on those rallies a lot. How comes they have the freedom towards this speaking? like going out and having protests against gays in the community. What gives them the right and not us the right to do that?”

Hakim replies:

“Well the Muslims should actually be involved. That’s one of the things that we should be involved in, I mean, our leadership has been too timid and shy, or they’re too busy fighting with each other about which school of thought you are, or which organisation you are or some petty differences. They’re too busy with that. Fighting over who controls the masjid or, you know, whatever, whose uncle is the treasurer. So they don’t have time to really deal with the issues. And that’s one of the issues. We should be there in a respectful way, a dignified way, opposing homosexuality. It’s our right to do that.”

Those Christians who attend anti-gay rallies in the States? Arseholes too, kids.

Here’s another part of the same talk:

“Young people today are growing up quickly and children at the age of five and six, because of what is happening in the media, because of the great social changes, are now witnessing acts of murder, of violence, and also becoming familiar with sexual terminology that in the past youth did not come close to these terms until they were teenagers, sometimes adults. But now at five years old they’re having discussions that used to be discussions for adults. Homosexuality becoming mainstream and normalised in society has changed the relationship of men and women, it’s changed the terminologies that we use. So even when the President is involved in low acts in the Whitehouse, shameful acts in the Whitehouse, and it goes over the internet, everybody in the world is reading this, in many of the Western countries, in France, in parts of Canada, their response to that is, and was ‘What is wrong with you people? What is he doing strange? There’s nothing wrong with it.’ And when the president of France recently died, his mistress attended the funeral. Everybody in the country knew that he had his regular wife and he had his underground mistress, that was not strange in France. So they were  saying like ‘What’s wrong with you? What he’s doing in the Whitehouse, he’s an average guy.’ That’s the level because homosexuality has changed our understanding. Because what the homosexuals and the paedophiles are doing is so disgusting that acts like what Clinton was involved in they were considered to be regular things.”

“And so incurable diseases moving in the society, and there’s more of them coming, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg, because of what is happening now, social changes, we are in a very critical situation. And as I was speaking to the brothers coming in, the hurricane hitting Key West is no accident, with the homosexual population. And we recentlt had an earthquake in Toronto. It was 5.2 on the Richter scale. Coming to Toronto, we sort of got the edge of it, but buildings shook. And those who understand the changes in the earth and what is going on, we realise that it’s overdue because we had the second largest demonstration on Gay Pride Day in North America, 750,000. And so it’s long overdue for us.”

He believes homosexuality is having a “severe psychological and sociological effect” on Muslim children:

“It’s a serious situation. And it is getting so drastic now, I have to be honest with you, I might have to be even a little bit explicit with you, but we have to speak as straightforward (Arabic). What is happening right now in our area, which is probably the same here, is that there is a discussion going on right now about what makes up the family. Is it a man and his wife, or man and woman, or is it woman and woman? Or is it a man and a man? That’s what’s happening in our area. And the people who’ve established a family, two men, they wanna get benefits, they wanna get social welfare, they wanna raise a child. That’s the discussion that’s going on. And there is homosexuality being taught in our schools as alternative sex life and a homosexual teaches the class. 750,000 of the Qaum-e-Lut marched in Toronto. 750,000 homosexuals and their supporters and they said ‘We’re queer and we’re here. And we’re not going away.’ They said ‘We’re queer by nature.’ That’s a new one. They wanna now deal with the fitra, with the nature that Allah (SWT) has made. That’s the situation and that’s what the young people have to live in. And then come back to our community and try to be Muslims. But this is having a severe psychological and sociological effect upon the young people in our community.”

Harrys Place also reported that Hakim made derogatory remarks about homosexuals during a TV show entitled Voice of Islam.

“Toward the conclusion of the lecture, Brother Quick expressed views about homosexuality. In summary, he said:

  • AIDS is caused by the “filthy practices” of homosexuals
  • Homosexuals are dropping dead from AIDS and “they want to take us all down with them”
  • The Islamic position on homosexuality is “death”
  • Homosexuals are “sick” and “not natural”
  • “Muslims are going to have to take a stand [against homosexuals] and it’s not enough to call names”

A complaint was made against the show and was upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority:

As is the case with some other scholars from the same stable, Hakim sees Muslims in the West as something other than Westerners. This is from a talk in the United States:

“…we should not be following along blindly and apishly after the styles of the Westerners or of the Kafiroun. And really East and West has ended now, it’s global now. We shouldn’t be following the non-Muslims in their fashions.”

Muslim children in the Middle East are being brainwashed into wearing Western clothes. A Jewish brand of clothing gets singled out for some reason:

2:04 “In Medina we made salat in the masjid, Masjid an-Nabawi, and a little Arab boy was making salat. He stood up and he had his thobe on and he had a baseball cap on. That’s the new style. They have a baseball cap and a thobe, OK? I’m not saying it’s haram to wear a baseball cap, right? But it was strange to me to see him in this baseball cap and a thobe because a baseball cap means something to a person from America, right? We know what it really means. So it’s time for salat, and he turned the baseball cap around to make salat and the name was Levis. Levis is Levi, a Jewish tribe, a family of the Yahud [Jews] in New York City who made millions of dollars making pants. So now he’s got Yahudi on the top and then the rest of him is Arabic from here down. And so they attack you right through your head using that tube in the television, sending the message into the control part of the brain. And so this is happening to the young generation so they feel more comfortable in the Western clothes than in their own Islamic clothes.”

The ‘mind control’ theme continues in the talk below. Muslims are unwittingly ditching their values and following the Jews and Christians:

1:20 “What are we being taught by the media? What are the images coming to us? Signs and symbols are coming to us. So a young person would rather eat, instead of eating his own his own nice biryani or shawarma or kebab, he wants Kentucky Fried Chicken or he wants Macdonalds. I came into a Muslim country in Ramadam, not gonna say which one it was, and I came from the airport and as we moved in the dock the first thing I saw was the golden arches and it said Ramadam Mubarak, with the golden arches of Macdonalds. That was the first thing in the Muslim country. And so our value systems are changing. What does an erosion of traditional values mean for Muslims? It means they will leave the deen. They will take on another lifestyle. As the Prophet (SAW) said ‘You will follow them inch by inch and foot by foot until they crawl into a lizard’s hole.’ You will crawl in there with them. And they said ‘Is it the Christians and the Jews?’ And he said ‘Who else?’ You will follow them inside of the hole.”

And the reason behind brainwashing Muslims into adopting Western lifestyles? Muslim men will be like little girls who will be no match for their enemies when the time comes:

4:36 “They were targeting Muslims in our city [Cape Town]. It is so bad in our city because there’s a hundred and twenty masjids in the city and the movement has the potential to grow. They build the discotheque, it looks like Masjid Al-Aqsa, and they have seven levels of dancing called rave. Seven levels like seven heavens. And they even have a special place inside the discotheque for some Muslims who are maybe hypocrites or whatever, but if you’re hungry you could eat halal food. They have halal food in the discotheque, you see? Who was that to catch? The Muslim youth. It’s to catch the Muslim youth because they are preparing for the last days. They see it coming. They see Armageddon, a major war. And if our young men are like little girls with rings in their ears and ponytails, and they’re not sure if they’re male or female, how are they gonna stand up against the enemies of Allah (SWT)? How are they gonna do that? So they’re attacking the youth to send them messages to take them off the path.”

Hakim is an instructor at the AlMaghrib Institute. AlMaghrib is holding its yearly ILMFEST festival in Glasgow in July:

“ILMFEST is our grand yearly festival of knowledge, an unforgettable event as attested to by thousands of you last year!”

Boss and founder of AlMaghrib is Muhammad Alshareef. He has made negative comments about non-Muslims and Jews and shares Hakim’s desire to join extremist Christians on anti-gay rallies:

“Homophobia means a fear of homosexuality. Alhamdulillah we have a fear of homosexuality. And then they will say it as if it is a derogatory term, but in fact it is a praiseworthy term.

Whenever there is a gay rally – isn’t it interesting that they call them gay, they’re happy people, right? – there are a type of people who go to these rallies and stand up for the truth. They have signs that tell them to stop what they’re doing or they will go to hellfire. Do you think they are Muslims? No, they are not Muslims, they are Christians. They are Christians who stand up for this…I pray to Allah that you will join the ranks and start to stand up and speak against things like this.”

This is the line-up of AlMaghrib instructors speaking at the event:


Yasir Qadhi will be known to many. He has also made dodgy statements on non-Muslims and other subjects (I’ve yet to see Qadhi address these). Here’s one of his statements on homosexuality:

“…this is a part of our religion to stone the adulterer and to chop the head off of the sorcerer and so many other things, and to kill, by the way, the homosexual – this is also our religion. The fiqh rulings say that the homosexual be killed, OK? (inaudible comment from audience) I don’t know about this one, I’ve heard this but I haven’t studied this in detail but I know that his punishment is death. This is all a part of our religion. This doesn’t mean we go and do this in America but I’m saying if we had an Islamic state we would do this.”

Gay people are unlikely to find much comfort in the knowledge they would only be executed in an ‘Islamic state’. But it’s not all bad news. Being a gay Muslim and having sex does not automatically throw you out of the religion – saying it’s OK to do so…does:

“Lastly, even if you have acted upon this urge – and we seek Allah’s refuge from this – know that this would constitute a sin. Yes, a major sin, and one that most people would be disgusted by, but realize that it is a sin alone and not kufr. Hence, even acting upon it and committing a major sin does not expel you from the fold of Islam. However, to stand up and justify it, or defend it, or write articles claiming that it is Islamic, without a doubt constitutes kufr, and not merely sin.”

Yasmin Mogahed responds to a gay Muslim looking for advice during this podcast:

“When talking about the topic of homosexuality or any type of sexual orientation or inclination it’s very important to understand to separate the difference between a feeling that we have, an inclination that we have, and what we actually act upon. The reason why this is important is that within the human being there are a lot of inclinations which are displeasing to Allah (SWT).”

“The fact that I am called, or I am inclined to something which is displeasing to Allah (SWT) by no means justifies my obedience to that inclination or to that calling.”

“If we are just led by whatever inclination we have then we become lower than the animals. The reason is that the animals also have inclinations. The animals want to eat, sleep and reproduce. And when an animal feels something, it just obeys. It obeys its thirst, as Sprite tells you all to do, obey your thirst. That’s what an animal does. An animal is thirsty, he drinks. There’s no concept of ‘Wait. Is this halal for me to drink? Is it alcoholic? Is it non-alcoholic?’ Animals don’t go through that process. The animal feels something, Allah (SWT) put an urge in the animal and it obeys it immediately. An animal wants to mate? The animal doesn’t ask ‘Well, wait. Are we married? Wait. Do we have nikah yet?’ No, the animal just mates. And if a human being becomes like that, if a human being, every time a human being feels something, feels an inclination or feels a desire, goes ahead and obeys it, then the human being becomes not just like an animal, (Arabic) then that human being is not just like the cattle or just like the animal, he becomes lower than the animal. And the reason why is because we have something called free will, or free choice. We have the ability to control ourselves and so we actually become lower than the animals if we obey without any concept of right and wrong. So my answer to this individual and to this question is, whether that inclination is in you or is not in you, does not change what is haram and what is halal.”

Congratulations gay Muslims with a sex life. You are lower than a randy spaniel.

Yahya Ibrahim is another instructor who is convinced that Jews and Christians are trying to drag Muslims away from Islam:

“Allah (SWT) tells us, he tells us in his glorious book in Sura Al-Baqra, Verse 120, a verse that will remain eternal and will remain true until the Day of Judgement. Allah (SWT) gives us almost an advice by warning us of who our enemies are. Allah (SWT) tells us (Arabic) ‘Never will the Christians and the Jews be satisfied or content or pleased with you until you follow them and their religion.’ These are the words of Allah (SWT). And Allah does not just stop there but he orders us to do something, Say to them, verily we will not follow these. Allah is telling us say to them the guidance of Allah is the only guidance to be followed. And this is what I wish to speak to you today about in short words. I wish to speak to you today about how they are trying to influence us, how the disbelievers are trying to take us from our religion…”

It’s unlikely that any of the speakers will be mentioning homosexuality or conspiracies against Muslims at either of the events above. Should that matter? Maybe, maybe not.

Would it matter if speakers with similar views on Muslims (like banning mosques or killing Muslims in ideal societies) were being invited to speak on subjects unrelated to Islam? Pretty likely that it would.

Do you support the death penalty for gay sex? Muslims respond

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