Manchester mosque condemns terrorist attack but hosts antisemitic, anti-kuffar and homophobic scholars

Posted on May 24, 2017


Part of me didn’t want to knock this post up. Not because I don’t think it’s important, I’m just tired of googling mosques and finding nasty stuff related to them.

ITV News reports:

The Islam centre where the Manchester suicide bomber is thought to have prayed has said the attack “has no place in Islam or any religion”.

Fawzi Haffar read a statement on behalf of Manchester Islamic Centre, also known as Didsbury Mosque, in which he said the centre’s “thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families, their friends, and our diverse communities across Greater Manchester”.


Mr Haffar told how the doors of the Islamic Centre are “open to all” and is part of the community of Didsbury, welcoming “thousands of attendees every week”.

He added that the centre it served people from “all backgrounds and faiths, from our food and clothes banks, to all our inter-faith dialogues”.

It’s great that they condemn terrorism. Their choice of speakers to host isn’t so great.

I didn’t recognise all of the names who have spoken at Manchester Islamic Centre, but three of them I did – Abdullah Hakim QuickMuhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari and Abu Eesa Niamatullah.

Here’s Abdullah Hakim Quick speaking at the mosque and complaining that Muslims are taking on the lifestyles of Jews and Christians:

1:20 “What are we being taught by the media? What are the images coming to us? Signs and symbols are coming to us. So a young person would rather eat, instead of eating his own his own nice biryani or shawarma or kebab, he wants Kentucky Fried Chicken or he wants Macdonalds. I came into a Muslim country in Ramadam, not gonna say which one it was, and I came from the airport and as we moved in the dock the first thing I saw was the golden arches and it said Ramadam Mubarak, with the golden arches of Macdonalds. That was the first thing in the Muslim country. And so our value systems are changing. What does an erosion of traditional values mean for Muslims? It means they will leave the deen. They will take on another lifestyle. As the Prophet (SAW) said ‘You will follow them inch by inch and foot by foot until they crawl into a lizard’s hole.’ You will crawl in there with them. And they said ‘Is it the Christians and the Jews?’ And he said ‘Who else?’ You will follow them inside of the hole.”

It doesn’t get any better. These are some of the views of all three speakers:


“The reason for this impermissibility of saying Salam to non-Muslims is not to show them respect. When one greets them for a need, it is not out of respect.”

“Is it halal to love one’s nation?…The problem of course comes when you want to put your identity above that [the Ummah] and you start to be more loyal, and start to be more favourable to the people from your own nation and praise them, and support them, and look after them more so than the people from your primary nation which is the nation of Islam​.”

“…we should not be following along blindly and apishly after the styles of the Westerners or of the Kafiroun. And really East and West has ended now, it’s global now. We shouldn’t be following the non-Muslims in their fashions.”

“Fitnahs such as lesbianism have become so widespread that it has become necessary for women to observe caution with non-Muslim women.”

“We live in an age where evils such as incest among the non-Muslims is becoming common.”

“if there is a fear of temptation (fitna) on either side or you fear that by kissing him [non-Muslim father], he will have evil thoughts and desires, you must avoid uncovering in front of him and kissing him…we live in a time where sexual impropriety is becoming common in non-Muslims, thus one must be careful. If your non-Muslim father is old or you feel that he will have no evil thoughts, then it would be permitted to remove your Hijab in front of him and kiss him.”

“We deal with people who come and who have run off with boys and girls who are non-Muslims and so on. And love is love. When you fall in love as a teenager, or as a youth, you know they say ‘Love’s blind.’ You can’t think, you can’t have rationale. Your heart becomes closed. And we’ve seen people take the religion of the people who they run off with. Muslim women turning Christian, Muslim women turning atheist, renouncing their religion just because of the partner they’ve met at school. I’m not making this up and scaremongering. This is a reality​.”

“It has been prohibited in this verse of the Qur’an to make close friendship and have intimacy with the non-Muslims…. Our scholars (Hanafi) say: There is nothing wrong in seeking the assistance of non-Muslims in order to fight a common enemy as long as the Muslims have the upper hand.”

“It would not be permitted for a Muslim to attend the religious festivals and ceremonies of non-Muslims, as this would entail approving of their faith.”


“Is it true that the Yahud [Jews] and the Zionists (are) behind this [homosexuality]?” “It goes with Zionism. And really it seems like, Allah-hu alim, if we went to Dajal’s army it’s gonna be mostly Yahud [Jews]. There will probably be homosexuals with them too.”

“…they [Jews] have a track record in this insanity. By Allah, read the Qur’an properly. Understand what Allah tells us about these people. They find it so easy and natural to do what they do. For unjustly killing their prophets, for saying “our hearts are closed”. Allah gave them a specific warning not to kill, knowing this about them, but they didn’t stop.Look at them today. Look at the way that they massacre. They blow up babies like as if it’s a computer game. They have no humanity, no morality, no ethics, no deen (religion), no guidance, no light, nothing. So don’t be surprised what’s going on out there from them.”

“In Medina we made salat in the masjid, Masjid an-Nabawi, and a little Arab boy was making salat. He stood up and he had his thobe on and he had a baseball cap on. That’s the new style…it was strange to me to see him in this baseball cap and a thobe because a baseball cap means something to a person from America, right? We know what it really means. So it’s time for salat, and he turned the baseball cap around to make salat and the name was Levis. Levis is Levi, a Jewish tribe, a family of the Yahud [Jews] in New York City who made millions of dollars making pants. So now he’s got Yahudi [Jew] on the top and then the rest of him is Arabic from here down. And so they attack you right through your head using that tube in the television, sending the message into the control part of the brain.”


“Islam is the only organized way of life that can categorically oppose homosexuality…”

“Our society is so persuasive. And they’re very good at being persuasive. For example, if you look at this country, homosexuality is a very easy example to use. If you look back fifty years, the idea of homosexuality being accepted and spreading was so abhorrent. It was something that could not possibly be accepted among the people at all. But there were people there who wanted to try and push out the boat and wanted to make something like that public policy. At that time they were the inferior ones and they were having the inferiority complex…And I guarantee you that the same way the sexual permissiveness in society has spread, and the same way that homosexuality has spread is only gonna be the same way that incest is gonna spread.”

They want the story of Lut (Alayhis salaam) told in another way so it’s politically correct. And they said ‘What is the Islamic position?’ And I told them ‘Put my name in the paper. The punishment is death and I’m not gonna change this religion.”

“One of the most dangerous groups coming up to the surface is the Qaum-e-Lut, is the homosexuals.”

“Muslims are going to have to take a stand [against homosexuals] and it’s not enough to call names”


Q – Many other Iranians come and claim asylum on the ground that they converted to Christianity and will be put to death should they be deported back to Iran. Sometimes it seems obvious that these guys are converting in order to get into the country…Would it  be permissible to aid such asylum seekers if they are genuinely Christian and are fleeing form the Hadd Punishment..? A – it is not permissible for a Muslim to leave Islam. Therefore, assisting in evading the legal consequences of apostasy will not be lawful.

Progressive Muslims

“These people are very busy. These are people who are closer to kufr than iman…They want to dilute Islamic religious practice. They want to try and get away with individual cultural expression in a multicultural society. A variety of aims and objectives which if you were to go down you would think it’s a horror story…We are more opposed to these people in our times than ever before. We want to warn our community that these secularists, that these liberal people who call themselves Muslims are the biggest danger within our community at the moment. And we have nothing to do with them.”


“For the record, the Fuqahā’ (experts in jurisprudence) have agreed that the intentional istihzā’ (insulting) of the Prophets (upon whom be peace) is an act which leads to the death penalty, whether the perpetrator is a Muslim or non Muslim.”


“women should not come out of their homes unnecessarily. However, if there is a need, then there is nothing wrong in emerging out of the home, provided all the rules of Hijab are fully observed…Therefore, Islam encouraged women to remain in their homes to prevent unnecessary intermingling with men.”

“I also want to briefly mention something about women in the workplace: I am an absolute extremist in this issue in that I don’t have any time for the opposing arguments. Women should not be in the workplace whatsoever. Full stop.”

“…there is a slight legal difference between the husbands’s and the wife’s right to demand sex. The husband can demand sex through a court of law and is generally expected to take the initiative, and the wife must consent to his demand unless there is a genuine physical excuse or Sharia-countenanced impediment. However, in the case of the wife, even though it is religiously obligatory for the husband to fulfil her sexual needs, she cannot demand this through a court of law after he has had sex with her at least once since being married….This distinction comes about because of various considerations, including the difference in the nature of male and female sexual desire, the husband being the head (amir) of the family, and the consideration of how each party’s “demanding” would affect marital relations. In other words, a woman does not have an explicit right to demand sex in the same fashion of a man; but this distinction exists merely because of the inherent differences between the sexes.”


“If the crime of fornication is carried out by an individual who is sane, mature, Muslim and is married to a spouse who is also sane, mature, Muslim, and that their marriage is consummated, then the legal punishment is that he/she will be stoned to death (rajm). The Imam, witnesses and other Muslims would take part in the stoning.”

Condemning terrorism is easy. This other stuff? Not so much.


Another Manchester mosque hosts anti-kafir, antisemitic, homophobic and pro-jihad speakers. G M Police pop in for a cuddle.

Harrys Place reported Abdurraheem Green being invited to speak at the Manchester mosque. See Green’s views on Jews, Christians, non-Muslims, offensive jihad, sex slaves, women and homosexuality here.
“A Question Time audience member has claimed he was handed an anti-Western leaflet at Didsbury Mosque in Manchester.”

Two Muslim leaders from Manchester presented as voices of coexistence following terrorist attack alleged to have sent antisemitic tweets
“In recent days, as Manchester reels from the atrocity inflicted at the Manchester Arena, Fawzi Haffar and Dr Siema Iqbal have been presented as local Muslim leaders in Manchester who speak out firmly against extremism, but according to a collection of tweets brought to light by Manchester-based North West Friends of Israel, both Mr Haffar and Dr Iqbal eschew their moderate messages when it comes to Jews.”

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