London terror suspect’s mosque condemns terrorist attack but website boasts of executing homosexuals

Posted on June 5, 2017


The Daily Mail reports:

One of the terror suspects was thrown out of a local mosque two years ago after shouting that voting in a General Election was ‘un-Islamic’, MailOnline can disclose.

The man had been attending the Jabir Bin Zayd mosque in Barking for some months when he aggressively interrupted a sermon in which the Imam was advising his community to vote.

‘He started saying that voting was un-Islamic and we shouldn’t do it,’ the mosque manager, who declined to be named, told MailOnline.

‘He got very angry. I called him aside and said, please calm down. He refused, so I removed him. Thank God he followed me.

‘When we got outside the room, he said you don’t have authority over me, only God has authority because this is a house of God. I said that might be true, but I am in charge.’


‘He seemed an uneducated person. He seemed to have no knowledge of religion.’ After the outburst the suspect was banned from the mosque and has not been seen there since, he added.

The mosque says:

We, Jabir Bin Zayid Islamic Centre, are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic events that unfolded at the London Bridge on Saturday night.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families at this time of great heartbreak. As a community, we denounce this abhorrent criminal act, for which there can never be any justification.

Jabir Bin Zayid Islamic Centre is place of worship that remains to open all local communities and caters for hundreds of worshipers, who attend every week. It has been a part of the Barking Community for many years.

Jabir Bin Zayid Islamic Centre is an Ibadi mosque. It’s nice to know that the mosque condemns the latest terrorist attack. This isn’t so nice, from the mosque’s website:

“…the Ibadhis consider the penalty for homosexuality to be stoning similar to the penalty for adultery! There are even those who see that a homosexual should be hanged and stoned to death. The Ibadhis have pre-determined this and have maintained it throughout their history and have been penalising those committing this horrible crime accordingly.”

What is going on with Britain’s mosques? Are there any left that don’t preach hatred towards others?

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