Public shows South London mosque message of love – mosque laments Jews and Christians, calls homosexuality a disease

Posted on June 6, 2017


Ilmfeed reports:

A message of love has been discovered outside a mosque in London the morning after the London Bridge attack which claimed the lives of 6 people.

The message was written on the pavement outside the Baitul Aziz Islamic Cultural Centre which is located just a mile away from London Bridge.

The same mosque put on an event, Crisis in the Ummah, by Sheikh Minar Ali.

Here’s the talk by the Sheikh:

If you’ve been following the blog posts since the Manchester terrorist attack you will be familiar with the Jewish/Christian conspiracy (here and here) that some Islamic scholars like to preach to their audiences. Here it is again:

At 4:27 “We are Asians at the end of the day. Doesn’t matter how much you want to be British. Doesn’t matter how much you want to be like them, and how much we change our dress, our lifestyle. You will be what you are. Reality is you are who you are. And they will never be happy with you. Why? Allah says (Arabic) The Yahud [Jews] and the Nasara [Christians] they will ever accept you. They will never ever be happy with you as one of them until you leave the religion and you follow their way. When you totally abandon your identity, and then you take their identity as your new way, then, yes, they will accept you.”

Ali blames the current state of the Ummah on Muslims and their love of the dunya (wordly life). Muslims should be feared by their ‘enemies’:

19:55 “But today, Prophet (SAW) mentioned the time will come when Allah (SWT) will take the fear of the Muslims out of the hearts of the enemies. As a result they will not fear us. We are large in numbers but they do not fear us…we are so engrossed in the world.”

Not surprisingly, the issue of homosexuality comes up:

39:46 “At the moment, currently, just think the society how much it has changed. Not long ago in this country, if someone went to a doctor and said ‘I have sexual inclination towards a man’ the doctor would say to him, OK if he’s a good doctor he’d say ‘Fix yourself up. I’ll give you a contact. Go and speak to him. This is a disease. You need to cure yourself.’ But today they don’t say this. They say it’s a social choice. It’s a life choice. And you know brothers we are fathers. You need to look at some of the stuff they’re teaching in the schools.”

59:18 “You should go to the school and ask for the materials that they will be taught, and what they will be taught, all these things, and if you don’t want your children to take part in this you can take them out as well, even with the homosexuality issue…you can take them out. You need to look at their material, what they’re doing. It’s not nice. It’s not good. It’s not good at all. Morally, after kids reading these one or two books, they have many books like this, he will think this is normal. Kids will accept it as normal. He will not think that this is abnormal. And this is what the aim is. It’s brainwashing in other words. They want to brainwash.”

As is so often the case, that message of love is a one way street.

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