Manchester Imam who led peace walk supports execution of homosexuals, says Ahmadis cannot be Muslims, non-Islamic way of life ‘evil’

Posted on June 9, 2017


The Telegraph reports:

Community leaders from North Manchester Jamia Mosque organised the walk to show their disgust at the actions of bomber Salman Abedi and express their support for his victims.

Imam Arshad Misbahi said: “This peace walk shows our feelings towards the atrocity.

“It was against the teachings of Islam. We organised the walk for our students.

“They have been asking questions at school and we feel as a Mosque we have to unite and show our sympathy for the lives that have been lost.

Misbahi speaking in St. Ann’s Square:


Once again, very good on terrorism, very bad on gays. Peter Tatchell exposed the Imam in 2006 for his views on homosexuals:

Manchester’s leading Imam has confirmed that he thinks the execution of sexually active gay men is justified. Mr. Arshad Misbahi, who is based at the Manchester Central Mosque, confirmed his views in a conversation to Dr John Casson, a local psychotherapist.

Dr Casson said: “I asked him if the execution of gay Muslims in Iran and Iraq was an acceptable punishment in Sharia law, or the result of culture, not religion. He told me that in a true Islamic state, such punishments were part of Islam: if the person had had a trial, at which four witnesses testified that they had seen the actual homosexual acts.”

“I asked him what would be the British Muslim view? He repeated that in an Islamic state these punishments were justified. They might result in the deaths of thousands but if this deterred millions from having sex, and spreading disease, then it was worthwhile to protect the wider community.”

“I checked again that this was not a matter of tradition, culture or local prejudice. ‘No,’ he said, ‘It is part of the central tenets of Islam: that sex outside marriage is forbidden; this is stated in the Koran and the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) had stated that these punishments were due to such behaviours.’”

Misbahi did not deny making the comments and said he would make a statement clarifying his views. The statement doesn’t seem to be online.

Here he is at North Manchester Jamia Mosque, calling out the lifestyles of non-Muslims:




3:47 “There is only one haq [truth]. There is only one sirat al-Mustaqim [straight path], and that is Islam. Islam is the only way to Allah (SWT). Every other adnan, every other ilm [knowledge], every other way of life is batil [falsehood], is taghut [outside the boundaries (of Islam)], is wrong, is evil.”

Here’s another sermon at the mosque on the Ahmadiyyah community:



“…he [Muhammad] is undoubtedly the last and the final messenger of Allah. Anyone who believes otherwise, anyone who questions this fundamental aqeedah of Islam is not a believer. They shouldn’t go for their salat, and their zakat, and their subha and their beards…and their apparent preaching of Islam.”

“…today, even in Great Britian, even in Manchester, I have seen for myself people who…claim to be a Muslim, that there is a nabi after Rasool Allah (SAW). The Qadianis. The Ahmadis. The Lahoris. They believe in Mirzā Ghulām Ahmad as a prophet of Allah, whereas Allah has announced it in numerous verses of the Quran….three hundred hadiths of Rasool Allah which say that our nabi is the last and final messenger of Allah. But people believe otherwise and still call themselves Muslims. Ahmadi Muslims.”

“Anyone who claims, anyone who believes that rubbish can be anything and everything but a Muslim! They cannot be Muslims. Qadianis, Ahmadis, Lahoris, whatever they want to call themselves…”

“This is kufr! This is infidelity! This has nothing to do with Islam!…they have, how many? Billions of followers and they are growing! They’re spreading. Do you know they have a centre in Manchester in Hulme? 24 hours security. And they call it a masjid. It’s a markaz, not a masjid. A masjid is only for the ibadah of Allah.”

(Full speech here)

Complaining about the growth of the (Ahmadi) Muslim population, their presence in the area, and their mosques?

Give the man a Britain First badge.






















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