The Yunus Dudhwala 5 minute extremism test

Posted on June 9, 2017


I’ve only just got round to watching Haras Rafiq (Quilliam) and Yunus Dudhwala (Chaplain at St Bartholomew’s Hospital) being interviewed on Good Morning Britain. Quilliam have posted the clip on their Facebook page.


After spending the last couple of weeks uncovering example after example of extremism inside mosques in Manchester and London, I wasn’t expecting to hear anyone say this:

‘To my knowledge, there is not a single mosque in the country that preaches hate, violence, or extremism.”

The Metro reported:

When host Piers Morgan responded by calling his [Dudhwala] claims ‘complete nonsense’ and ‘demonstrably untrue’, the Imam said: ‘We need some evidence, recent evidence.’

Haras Rafiq already provided examples of extremism to rubbish the above claim by Dudhwala, but we can do even better than that.

Here’s what to do.

1). Stick Yunus Dudhwala’s name + ‘mosque’ into google to find a mosque where he has spoken at in the past.

2). Stick mosque into google.

3). Find ‘recent evidence’ of extremism at the mosque.

Here’s my results:

That’d be Bury Park Dawah Academy and Jamie Masjid in Luton, a Deobandi mosque.

From the mosque’s website:


I was wondering can a muslim talk to another person who used to be a muslim but now rejects Islam and says that Islam is not a true religion even if it is your family member e.g. brother. My brother does not beleieve in islam and says islam is not true which makes me very angry and also affects my own belief in Islam. This is why I refuse to talk to him and have hatred towards him.


You may speak to him if you are doing so in order to convince him of the truth of Islam through persuasive arguments. People may fall into wrong ideas because of ignorance or due to being brainwashed by islamophobes.

Therefore, if you believe you have the ability or expertise to deter them and bring them back to the fold of Islam– you may dialogue with them. If, on the contrary, you are not so confident, and rather you are afraid of losing your own faith in the process, then you must simply walk away from them, saying ‘peace’. Allah says: “The servants of the Most Gracious are [only] they who walk gently on earth, and who, whenever the foolish address them, reply with [words of] peace.” (Qur’an:25:63).

Just in case they delete the page, here’s a copy of it:

Wow. Advising someone to lodge a family member just because they’ve ditched Islam? Just as horrid as those who disown family members who find Islam. And the mosque has the cheek to talk about Islamphobia. Wrong uns.

That should be recent enough for Dudhwala. It doesn’t get any more recent than now.

It took me about five minutes to find what Dudhwala claims doesn’t exist. But it won’t be good enough for him. It isn’t extremism and it shouldn’t be challenged:

1:59 “…we can’t equate conservatism, orthodoxy with extremism and terrorism. Yes there are conservative Muslims across the country, and if we equate that with extremism and terrorism we’ll have a huge, bigger problem.”


Just noticed the mosque also hosted (3 years ago) the respected Deobandi scholar, Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari (get a load of what he has to say about non-Muslims, ex-Muslims, stoning etc. here) and Zaheer Mahmood.

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