British Muslim Heritage Centre (Manchester) – Anti-terrorism, provides platform for extremists

Posted on July 3, 2017


The British Muslim Heritage Centre posted this statement on its website after the Manchester Arena terrorist attack:

“The Greater Manchester Muslim Community is saddened and horrified by reports of yet another terror attack, this time in our very city at the Manchester Arena yesterday.  Our thoughts are with the victims and their families and our emergency services who are at the forefront of dealing with this tragic incident.

This is and will always be a mindless and unjustifiable act, targeting the innocent and young in this indiscriminate manner. The perpetrators, whoever they may be, must bear the full consequences of their actions.”

The BMHC is one organisation you wouldn’t expect to be providing a platform for extremists. On its homepage there’s this antisemitic nutcase giving the OK to BMHC:

It’s the equivalent of a Christian organisation proudly displaying an endorsement from Nick Griffin. See here for Al-Sudais’ views on Jews, Christians, secularists and Shiites and that ‘moderation’ and ‘tolerance’.

If you click on BMHC’s ‘Seminars and Conferences’ page you find this:

“The Myriad Foundation in Association with The British Muslim Heritage Centre Presents: Being The Example, Rethinking Da’wah in the UK”

Here’s the promo vid for the event:

Here are some of the views of the speakers:

Alomgir Ali

On the sentencing of Delwar Hossain Sayeedi (former leader of the far-right political organisation, Jamaat-e-Islami, Bangladesh):

May Allāh (swt) grant him martyrdom. It is clear to the world this has nothing to do with war crimes. The government has clearly shown signs it is waging war against anyone aspiring for Islam to play a political role in life.”

Arab News recently reported:

“The Supreme Court stood by its 2014 decision to jail Delwar Hossain Sayeedi for life over atrocities committed during Bangladesh’s 1971 war of independence against Pakistan.”

“Sayeedi and other Jamaat leaders were implicated in the murder, rape and torture of Hindus and pro-independence Bangladeshis, seeking a secular nation free from Pakistani rule.”

Ali on execution for the ‘crime’ of engaging in gay sex:

“There is a consensus that it is crime to commit homosexuality in shariah. They differ as to the methods of punishment.”

“The companions and 4 schools of thought all agreed about the criminal nature. That is qat’i [convincing] enough.”

On secularism:

“Secularism is the modern idol of today. It has no place in our religion.”

On women:

“…any woman who perfumes herself, so that when she goes past the people so that they can smell her, or smell her perfume…then she is a fornicator, she is an adulteress, she is a zanya.”

“…the closest that a woman can be to the mercy of her Lord…is when she is in the depths of her own home. So if you want to be closer to Allah…you have to stay in the depths of your home.”

Hamza Tzortzis


Question: “Death penalty for apostasy, death penalty for blasphemy, right? Islam condones a death penalty for both of those crimes, right?

Tzortzis: “Yes it does, yes.”

Homosexuality is a crime:

“Most Western countries have laws that prevent the sexual abuse of children, polyandry and cannibalism. If it were argued that these crimes were really an expression of human nature, most would reject them as completely inappropriate actions.

Islam, like many other spiritual traditions, argues that homosexuality is not the right way to manifest the instinct of procreation. It is a behaviour that negates the Islamic vision of society which is one of extended families connected by marriage between men and women. Hence Islam has viewed the public expression of homosexuality as a crime and as a result has placed a mechanism in which to protect its vision for society.”

“Do you believe that rape and murder are relatively bad? Surely not, that would indicate that they can also be relatively good! Hence those who claim that making homosexuality a criminal act is wrong are totally inconsistent as they would have to objectively show that it is wrong – however they can not do that because, as discussed, that would mean they would have to believe in God – in any case, God says its wrong.”

Counterjihadists often claim that Islamic texts advocate taking the lands of non-Muslims if they refuse to accept Islam or if they refuse to pay the jizya to an Islamic state. Tzortzis also believes in this concept of offensive, or ‘progressive’, jihad.

Primarily there are two types of Jihad, defensive and progressive…Progressive Jihad has three parts to it. It first invites the people to accept Islam by explaining the Islamic belief and what Islam has to offer them. This is done by dialogue and discussion and can take some time.

Thanks for asking but we’re good as we are.

After this, the Islamic State then invites the people to live within the state and enjoy peace, justice, security and protection.

Again, no thanks. Honestly, we’re fine.

“The third and final course of action after the first two have been followed is war. This war is called Jihad and in cases of genocide and extreme oppression it may be the first and only part of the process. It is the final part of a foreign policy used by the Islamic State…”

But it’s not so bad. Once Tzortzis has pinched your country, you should be grateful that you won’t be forced to convert:

“The Islamic belief is not forced upon people once land is taken, 1400 years of history bears testament to this.”

It should be noted that other Muslims strongly disagree with Tzortzis’ take on offensive jihad:

“Defenders of this view believe that a non-Muslim state has only three options: to accept Islam, to accept Islamic supremacy and pay the Islamic state the jizya, or to be ready to accept death.”

“This contested issue of offensive jihad needs to be seriously examined and debated today. We must ask how this doctrine can at all be compatible with the basic principles of Islam, in particular Islam’s teachings of mercy and justice.”

“…even enlightened Muslims who know their faith well cannot accept the arguments of the advocates of offensive jihad. The latter’s claims make a mockery of Islam’s insistence on justice and fairness. It is obvious that Muslims can expect freedom, rights, tolerance and acceptance from others only if they are willing to exhibit the same attitude in their relations with them.”

Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad

Imam Qasim is the CEO of IQRA TV. Guests and presenters on Qasim’s TV channel include Assim Al-Hakeem and Muhammad Salah. Their views on non-Muslims are pretty disgusting – boycotting Muslims who marry outside of the religion, severing ties with any family member who leaves Islam (even parents), refusing to open the door for a non-Muslim, employing Muslims over non-Muslims, drooling over the idea of having sex with non-Muslim female slaves in the future, and executing ex-Muslims. At six or seven, a girl may become ‘pretty’ and ‘desired’ – it’s OK to marry her as long as you don’t fuck her until she’s ‘ready’. Their views on gay people, blasphemy, jihad, stoning etc. are equally mental.

Other familiar faces at the channel are Abdurraheem GreenAbdurraheem McCarthyKamal El-Mekki and Hamza Tzortzis. Click the names for the same old gear about non-Muslims, ex-Muslims, female kuffar slaves etc.

Sufyan Ismail

Ismail is the founder of Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND). You can’t knock the people at MEND for their commitment to challenging hatred and bigotry towards Muslims. Good luck to them. But this was a bit of an odd stance to take during a speech at Cheadle Mosque, Greater Manchester:

“We don’t want the Government to fob us off with some phony thing called Tell MAMA, which has got a made pro-Zionist pretty much heading it or in a very senior capacity and is making all sorts of comments we might not agree with when it comes to homosexuality, to be recording Islamophobia.”

Ismail faced criticism for his comments about Tell MAMA and responded on his blog:

“It is important to recognise the full context of my remarks at Cheadle mosque. I said “[Tell MAMA] is making all sorts of comments we might not agree with when it comes to homosexuality”.

I stand by that remark because it is based on a blog which appeared on Tell Mama’s website in 2014 which seemed to suggest that Islamic theology’s position on homosexuality as sinful in the eyes of God was a position taken only by “ultra-orthodox” Muslims.


Islamic scripture, as with Christianity, is clear in its reference to homosexuality being a sin. This is a religious belief held by Muslims who adhere to the faithful teachings of their religion and the consensus of Islamic scholars through the ages. It is not a belief or view held by the “ultra-orthodox” unless “ultra-orthodox” means the vast majority of Muslims. I somehow doubt they would want to be pigeonholed as “ultra-orthodox” for adhering to mainstream religious teachings.”

Why would you bring up the issue of homosexuality with regards to an organisation that, like MEND, records attacks on Muslims in the UK in the first place? It doesn’t seem relevant at all. While it makes Ismail sound like a bit of a fussy tosser, it’s not exactly evidence of ‘extremism’.

But seeing as Ismail has made homosexuality an issue, lets look at who he invites to speak at his events.

He was happy to invite and share the stage with Haitham al-Haddad, Abdurraheem Green, Yusuf Chambers and Abdul Wahid (Chairman of Hizb ut-Tahrir) during iENGAGE’s Freedom of Speech – Are Muslims excluded? event in Mile End.

Abdurraheem Green has said:

“…it [homosexuality] is one of those things that has a proscribed punishment in Islamic law for people who are found participating in this what is to be considered to be an unnatural act.”

The proscribed punishment being death:

“Adultery is punishable by death, and a slow and painful death by stoning. It is indicative of just how harmful this crime is to society…this also goes some way to help understand way acts of homosexuality are similarly treated so harshly.”

Don’t use the word ‘gay’:

“This word ‘gay’, to use it is already to be fooled by the propaganda of these people, OK? This word is used in order to make this evil and vile act acceptable in society. They should be called at least homosexuals, this is the least. Better to use a more derogatory term like sodomites, this is a better term.

He complains that Muslims could get a visit from Constable Cock-lover for taking a swipe at gay people’s sex lives:

“It’s a criminal offence in England to revile someone because of their homosexuality. So now it has been made a crime to hate the crime. Can we accept this as Muslims? Can we say that Islam is compatible with this? Does any person in this room think that this type of ideology is compatible with what Allah has revealed? I hope not.”

Abdul Wahid also believes that gay sex should be made a criminal act:

“Muslims themselves should be clear in the understanding of this matter according to Islam – that it is a sin and that in an Islamic state such acts, if proved, would be a crime in law.”

Yusuf Chambers is right that us UK folk are not rotten enough to execute gay people. Thankfully we don’t live in Chambers’ ideal state:

“Now no one in their right mind ever calls for the execution of anyone living in a democratic state. Can you say that anyone from the Muslim community has ever called for gays to be killed, or apostates? No. Scholars refer to these measures to be applied when living in an Islamic state and when the rigorous conditions are met.

Islamic law is only applied in an Islamic state and where rigorous conditions are met, and not until then.”

Haitham al-Haddad’s views on homosexuality (they are plentiful) can be found here.

MEND has invited Yasir Qadhi to speak at its events on a couple of occasions (here and here). Like Yusuf Chambers, Qadhi points out that US laws do not allow Muslims to execute gay people…but if he had his way the bird-swerving fags would get it:

“…this is a part of our religion to stone the adulterer and to chop the head off of the sorcerer and so many other things, and to kill, by the way, the homosexual – this is also our religion. The fiqh rulings say that the homosexual be killed, OK? (inaudible comment from audience) I don’t know about this one, I’ve heard this but I haven’t studied this in detail but I know that his punishment is death. This is all a part of our religion. This doesn’t mean we go and do this in America but I’m saying if we had an Islamic state we would do this.”

Qadhi understands the pain of Muslims who feel like getting it on with members of the same sex. He calls homosexuality a ‘perverse desire’ that ‘most people would be disgusted by’ and recommends to ‘seek counseling’. A gay Muslim man has two options:

“Either he does try to minimise this urge and find happiness in women…or if he really finds it impossible, well then the only alternative for him is to live a celibate life.”

Everyone knows what it’s like to go without a jump for a few months. Qadhi expects people to keep this up for a lifetime. Proper harsh.

MEND invited Abu Eesa to speak alongside Qadhi at its Losing My Religion conference earlier this year. Abu Eesa complains that society has allowed “people to become gay” and says “the same way that homosexuality has spread is only gonna be the same way that incest is gonna spread.” Ismail’s own website, 1stethical, posted an article written by Abu Eesa calling homosexuality a ‘perversion’

Omar Suleiman was on the same MEND bill as Qadhi and Abu Eesa. On homosexuality he says:

‘If as Muslims we don’t take a clear stance on this, we will be forced to conform and watch this disease destroy our children.’

So while Ismail has a problem working with Muslims who claim that homosexuality isn’t a sin, he has no problem working alongside people who would remove the rights of gay people and execute them in an Islamic state. That’s a bit fucked up. Especially for a man running an organisation dedicated to challenging hatred towards a minority.

As for the British Muslim Heritage Centre, it’s just the latest Manchester organisation or mosque I’ve come across providing platforms for extremists. Sooner or later I’ll find one that hasn’t.

Next Manchester mosque to be featured, one of Sufyan Ismail’s favourites – Cheadle Mosque with its record of hosting some real horrible bastards.


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