Abdurraheem Green – Al Wala’ Wal Bara’ (2006)

Abdurraheem Green:
Rasool Allah (SAW) narrated to us and mentioned the case of a good companion and an evil companion, a good friend and a bad friend. And he gave an example, a similitude, an example, that the example of the good companion is the example of the perfume seller. If one of us was to live and to stay in the house of a perfume seller, even if we did not buy some perfume from that man, we would still come smelling from his house of perfume. And the example of an evil companion is that of the blacksmith. So if you stay in the house of the blacksmith, even if the blacksmith does not drop on your clothes some coal or some fire and burn you, then most certainly you will come smelling of smoke. This, my brothers and sisters in Islam, may Allah (SWT) have mercy upon you, is an observed fact of human behaviour. The people who you mix with, the people who you take as your companions, the environment that surrounds you will influence you and will affect you without a doubt. This is why the Prophet (SAW) said that every child is born upon the fitrah. The natural disposition and the natural inclination to be good and to worship Allah. But the shaitan amongst mankind and the jinn, or their parents made them a Jew or a Christian or a fire-worshipper. So the natural condition of the human being is to be inclined to worship Allah (SWT) alone.

But the environment changes that, and causes someone to actually be the opposite, to make shirk with Allah, to set up rivals to Allah, which is the greatest oppression, the greatest wrongdoing and the greatest tyranny. And the Prophet (SAW) warned us, be careful who you take as your friend, because you will take your deen from your friend, you will take your religion, you will take your way of life from your friend. And this is one of the reasons why Allah (SWT) he has warned us, in his book, do not take the disbelievers as your awliya, do not take the Jews and the Christians or the Mushrikeen as your awliya. Do not prefer them to the believers, do not prefer their company to the company of the believers. Do not take them as your, and what is the word awliya? What does it mean? If has a meaning of friendship, close friendship. It has the meaning of your advisor, your protector. Your awliya, your wali, that is the one you go to, you seek protection from, you seek help from, you seek aid from, you seek advice from. When you have a problem, it is the one who is your intimate friend and your protector from whom you seek advice. The one who is close to you, and you are close to them. And Allah has forbidden the Muslim, the believer, from taking the unbeliever as their awliya. Allah has forbidden us from having that relationship with the unbelievers, whether it is us individually, as individuals, or as nations. It is extraordinary to find how many of the Muslim nations boast and say how America they are our awliya, our allies, our friends. How Britain, France, Germany and Australia and other countries, they are our friends and our allies. And in fact they will state their emnity and hatred for their own Muslim brothers. And they will state their friendship for the disbelievers. Whereas in fact, my brothers and sisters in Islam, after the issue of tawheed and shirk, which is the most widely discussed topic in the Qur’an. Most verses in the Qur’an, the greatest number of verses in the Qur’an deal with the topic of tawheed and shirk. That’s why the Prophet (SAW) said about Surah Al-Ikhlas, it is one third of the Qur’an. The next most widely discussed topic in the Qur’an, and that has the most number of verses dedicated to it, after the issue of tawheed and shirk, is the issue of Al Wala’ Wal Bara’. The issue of who we should be allied to, and who we should be at enmity with. Who are our friends and who are our enemies. However, when you look at the state of the Muslims, you will see that if they are ignorant about tawheed and shirk it is not surprising to find they are ignorant about the issue of Al Wala’ Wal Bara’. It is not surprising to find that they are also ignorant about the issue of who are our true allies and who are our true enemies. And there is a hadith of the Prophet (SAW) where he heard, while he saw and he listened to one companion praying. In the first rakʿah, this companion recited Surah Al-Ikhlas, and the Prophet (SAW) said this is one who knows his lord. And in the second rakʿah he recited Surah Al-Kafirun. And the Prophet (SAW) said this is one who knows his deen. This is one who knows his religion. This is one who understands his deen. Because the basis of Islam is that it is the only deen and the only religion, the only way of life that is acceptable to Allah (SWT). ‘Inna deena indalahil-Islam’ Verily the deen, the way of life, the religion with Allah is Islam. It is the only way of life acceptable to Allah, and whoever chooses another way of life, another religion, it will never be accepted from them and in the next life they will be from the losers. They will be from the eternal inhabitants of hell fire. So it is impossible for a Muslim to believe in the unity of religions. Indeed, whoever claims that the Jew and the Christian are our brethren in faith has without doubt made a statement of clear kufr, of clear rejection of the most basic verses of the Quran. They have rejected the statement of Allah (SWT) and they have not understood this deen.

Why, and what is the wisdom therefore of Allah prohibiting us from taking the Jews and the Christians and the disbelievers and the mushrikoon as our awliya? I was once asked this question by some children in Sri Lanka, in a Muslim school. And the Muslim school had some non-Muslim teachers and I had to answer this question in front of all of them. It was quite delicate. And then I thought of an answer. I said even if the person who is not a Muslim loves you, and you will certainly find that there are non-Muslims who will love you, and they will love you for being Muslims, and they will respect your character if it is good, and they will be friendly towards you and kind towards you, without doubt you will find people like that, and even if they are like that to you, and even if they truly love you and respect you and admire you, if you take them as your awliya, your friend and protector, that means that when you have a problem in your life and you go and you seek advice, because from your friend you seek advice, you say to them and you talk to them about your problems, yes? How will they advise you? From what source of information and from what direction will they give you advice from? Will it be from the Book of Allah? Will it be from what the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said? Will they advise you according to the ruling of the ulema? They do not know the book of Allah. And they do not know the sayings of the Prophet (SAW), nor do they know the rulings of the ulema. So when they advise you, they will say ‘Oh, Oprah Winfrey had some psychologist who said this and that’ and ‘I saw on this TV show’ or ‘I read in this book’ or ‘I heard something here or there.’ Or they will advise you from their opinion or their life experience. So even if they love you and they intend good for you, they will still lead you astray. They will lead you astray. They will not guide you with the guidance of Allah (SWT). They will not guide you with the guidance of Islam. They will guide you with their misguidance and that is what they are upon. So if we as individuals take the unbelievers as our friends and companions and advisors, then Allah has said in the Qur’an that they will not fail to corrupt you. They will not fail to corrupt you. Again we repeat it, they will not fail to corrupt you. That means your corruption will be inevitable.

If we as nations turn to America and to Europe and to the West for advice and guidance, be it economic or political or military or any other type of guidance and advice, they will not fail to corrupt us because their view of the world is different to ours. For them, this world is the be all and end all. For them, this world is the purpose. This world is their paradise. They have directed all of their efforts, mentally, psychologically, even spiritually to try to achieve the things of this world. That is why their system, their economic system is based upon riba. Because, to them, all they see is the gain that they can acquire in this world. This is their viewpoint. And what does the Qur’an tell us about riba? Allah, he tells us that they say that riba is like trade. This is what they say, only we are trading with money. And really if you think only from the worldly points of view, you will see, and that’s what you will think, it is like trade. I have some money, I lend you some money, because you are borrowing my money you should give me something back. It doesn’t seem to be irrational or illogical, only I am trading with money. But what did Allah say? Allah he told us, Allah has forbidden riba and he has allowed trade. He has forbidden it. It is evil because Allah has forbidden it. And whoever deals in it he will not stand in front of Allah except as one whom Shaitan has made mad by his touch. He will stand like a possessed person, a babbling fool. Indeed, the one who indulges in riba has declared war on Allah and his Messenger. War. Has declared war on Allah and his Messenger. Yet you see every Muslim nation and indeed many Muslim individuals have immersed themselves in riba, declaring war on Allah and his Messenger. And the Prophet (SAW) said, on the day of judgement Allah will give them, that person, a sword and say now fight me. And we have heard that there are some people say you could take riba to get your first house, that’s OK as long as you don’t make it for profit. Subhanallah, where did we find this in the book of Allah? It’s OK to declare war on Allah the first time as long as you don’t do it twice. Subhanallah, this is how we have become affected.

So you see brothers, the mentality of the kuffar, and sisters, the mentality of the kuffar, for them, this dunya, they believe by acquiring this dunya, and by having the things of this world, you will be successful. They define the successful person to be the one who is acquiring the nicest house, the nicest car, the most beautiful wife, the most property, who has got the strongest business, who has got the most power and authority. This person is the successful person. Beauty, fame, wealth. For them this is the means to success. So they define the successful one as being the one who has acquired those things. This is their mentality. So if we take them as our awliya, they are going to advise us if you want to be happy in life, if you want to be a successful individual, or if you want to be as they call a ‘prosperous’ nation then you must follow our system. And we believe it. We look at America and we say ‘Oh look at that. Look at their beautiful cars, their aeroplanes, they even send rockets up to space. They are prosperous’ we say to ourselves. Just like those people from Bani Israel when Qarun, as we know Qarun he had a body of strong men just to carry the keys for his treasure. So the jahil people, they said ‘Oh look at Qarun. If only we had what he had’. Because these people they were ignorant. They only see like the kuffar only see the outward of this world. But we know, as Allah (SWT) mentioned, as Qarun was walking, trailing his garment in arrogance and pride, saying this wealth comes to me because of my knowledge, then as we know Allah caused the earth to open and swallow Qarun and his house and his treasure. Allah, he destroyed him as he had destroyed Firaun, as he destroyed Aad, as he destroyed the people of Nuh, as he destroyed countless civilisations who were great in power and strength. The Romans, the Persians, the Babylonians. How many civilisations? How many people with their wealth and their power and their armies and their temples and their riches? But we cannot even imagine today Allah has destroyed them and only left ruins and traces for the one who has wisdom and understanding to see what was the end of those who rejected faith. So they only look at the outward appearance of this world. And we Muslims we look to the West and we say ‘Oh how splendid. Look at their wealth and their power.’ So instead of going to the Book of Allah, and instead of going to the guidance, the pure and the perfect guidance that is in the Quran, that is in the Sunnah, we run to the West and we want to take advise from them and guidance from them because we have become ignorant of the reality. And we now, my Muslim brothers and sisters, we think success is what they define as success. And this is the reality. We have become as the Prophet (SAW) mentioned, especially us dwelling here in the West, the one who lives with the perfume seller will come smelling of perfume even if he doesn’t buy some. If you live with the pious, and you live with the righteous, even if you yourself are not pious and righteous, it will affect you..it must affect you. And if you live amongst these people, in the land of these people, where what do we see? Nakedness, drunkenness, disobedience to Allah, denial of Allah, materialism and atheism and secularism. A people who have dedicated their entire existence to enjoy the pleasures of this world. To satisfy their lusts and their passions. Then we will be affected. Even if the coal does not fall on us and burn our clothes, we will smell of smoke. We will begin to smell of it. We will become affected by it. And so this is our condition brothers and sisters.

We are Muslims. People to whom Allah has chosen us. Allah has chosen us. Allah has favoured us with the guidance of Islam. Because Allah does not need you to be a Muslim and Allah does not need me to be a Muslim. We are not doing Allah any favours. Wallahi, Allah does not need you to pray, he doesn’t need you to fast, he doesn’t need you to follow the Sunnah, Allah doesn’t need you to take the believers as your friends and not take the believers as your friends. Allah doesn’t need that from you because Allah is the self-sufficient. Indeed if all of us, the men of us and the jinn of us, the human of us and the jinn of us, if we were all of us to be as the most wicked soul amongst all of us, it would not decrease the majesty and the kingdom of Allah (SWT). Not any more than if you took a needle and you dipped it in the sea and you see what is left. If we all disobey Allah it will not make any difference to Allah (SWT). And if we all obeyed Allah it would not make any difference to him. We are not doing Allah favours by being Muslim. Islam is for our own good. It is only for us, for our benefit. Because Allah he created you and Allah he created me and he knows what is best for us. Does George Bush know what is best for you? Does Tony Blair know what is best for you? Do the United Nations know what is best for you or for mankind? They have written in their charter of Human Rights, their charter of kufr, their charter of calling people to rebel against Allah. In this charter it says that one of the rights of the human being is to choose their religion, one of the rights of the human being is that if they change their religion they should not be intimidated in any way. They should be left to change their religion and to follow whatever they want. This charter of the human right is in direct opposition to what Allah has revealed. The right of the human being is in fact the opposite of that. The right of the human being is to be pressurised to follow the true religion, that they should be living in an environment where they are encouraged or even forced to remain upon the truth that will take them to paradise and keep them away from the hellfire. This is the right of the human being. It is my right and your right and even the right of the non-Muslim that we should take them to paradise as the Prophet (SAW) said, even if we take them in chains. Even if we take them in chains we should take them to paradise. Subhanallah.

No one would disagree that we should be protected from disease, that a human being should be protected from war, that women should be protected from rape, that children should be protected from abuse, because all of these things scar and hurt and destroy the human being. So how about the hellfire? Where Allah will burn the skin, and recreate the skin, and burn the skin, and recreate the skin so that the people can taste the punishment. Where the people will be given water that is boiling that will scold the faces and burn the insides. How about being protected from that?

Member of audience:
I think that…you’re naïve where that you are saying that we need to pressurise the others to become Muslims. And actually there are many of the Prophet’s (SAW) sayings that there are many verses which do not ask us to do that for example…so I think there is no need for us to pressurise anybody because if we pressurise anybody, this means, it may strengthen the idea or the concept that they are trying to push to the people that the Muslims are troublemakers or even terrorists.

Abdurraheem Green:
Look at the end of the day, that’s not the issue. The issue is what does the…

Member of audience:
It is the issue….

Abdurraheem Green:
Brother, I’m not entering into an argument with you. If you are asking me a question, I am responding to your question. Subhanallah. If we want to go into this, it’s easy for me to prove if anyone has knowledge that what I said is right, OK? For example, open Bukhari you will find the hadith that if you find the Jew or a Christian walking down the street, push them to the side. It is well-known from what Umar ibn al-Khattab and the khulafa ar rashidin used to implement, that the Jew and Christian was not allowed to ride on a horse when the Muslim is riding on a horse. They would have to walk. Allah he said in the Quran about the jizya that you, that fight the people of the book, Allah (SWT) said, it’s in the Quran, fight the people of the book and those who do not believe that what Allah has made lawful as lawful and what Allah has made unlawful as lawful, until they pay the jizya and feel themselves subdued. The purpose of the jizya is to make the Jew and the Christian know that they are inferior and subjugated to Islam, OK? In the Muslim state, although the Jew and Christian is free to practice their religion, this is allowed, but they cannot display their cross and even in the time of Umar they were not allowed to re-construct or construct new churches. All of this is to create an atmosphere where it is encouraging the people to come to iman and Islam, not to remain upon kufr and misguidance. Yes there is, we do not force people, we do not say ‘You must become Muslim or we kill you.’ That’s not correct. But it is from Islam to create an environment where people are pressurised and encouraged to be upon the path of haq and we do not encourage people to be on the way of batil. Although the sharia allows the Jew and the Christian to practice their religion in an Islamic country it does not encourage it. It does not encourage it, OK? So these are a few examples and what you said does not contradict what I said. When we are giving dawah, you were talking about dawah. What is hikmah? Hikmah if you look to the tafsir is, the hikmah is the wisdom of the Qur’an and the Sunnah. This is the hikmah.”

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